Elon Musk seeks staff to develop a ChatGPT opponent

Elon Musk's new proposal to create a ChatGPT opponent

After the great success of ChatGPT, the entrepreneur Elon Musk has turned its attention to the market for artificial intelligences. Although he has wanted to carry out a restructuring from scratch in most of his businesses, he has decided to abandon other projects in view of the "little future" of these, according to him. One of them was to leave behind the mark of Open AIa non-profit organization that seeks the digital development and expand its efficiency to other areas. However, now that this sector is booming, he has chosen to create his own team of engineers and computer scientists to create a ChatGPT opponent.

Despite the critics for having fired Thousands of workers from its Twitter offices, even those who are the most followers of its new owner, have been seen with their things on the street, so the template It has been significantly reduced and there are many free spaces, in which Elon Musk is thinking of filling them with the new team development of the opponent of ChatGPT. The term is open and it is estimated that he is looking for the top experts to seize the leadership of the chatbot so fashionable among users.

On the other hand, as this field continues to expand, some believe that it is more bad than good, since many students and workers use them for less noble purposes, such as doing their own tasks. Because of this dilemma, there are people who have been affected by the intensification of this system, which has made them lose their jobs in view of appearing to be more useful than humans themselves. However, the human factor is still important and it is predicted that soon they will be created rules that regulate these clever methods.