Elon Musk, man - and provocateur - of the year

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In September 2018, Elon musk appeared on the podcast of Joe rogan -one of the most popular programs in the US-, in an unleashed interview, in which he spoke of the divine and the human. He fired a flamethrower, drank whiskey, and was offered a joint.

"Probably you shouldn't by shareholders"Rogan told him about the impact on the price of the value of Tesla, the electric car giant that Musk runs. "Well, it's legal, isn't it?" Replied the inventor and entrepreneur, and took an inexperienced drag.

The next day, two top Tesla executives resigned and Musk was the talk of the corporate world: The South African visionary was too erratic, unpredictable and uncontrollable as

to have the confidence of investors - large and small - from all over the world.

Yesterday, just over three years after this episode, Musk was named 'man of the year' by 'Time' magazine. Not that Musk has tempered since 2018. Quite the contrary: it is the best example that irreverence is not faced with corporate and personal success.

The person of the year for the magazine & # 039; Time & # 039;
Person of the year for 'Time' magazine - ABC

In recent years, especially since 2020, Tesla's stock has exploded. The belief that the electric car is the future of transportation has placed Tesla - where Musk made an early bet when few believed in it - an overwhelming leader in the automotive industry. This October, it surpassed a trillion dollars of capitalization, more than the sum of the big five in the sector: Toyota, Voklswagen, Daimler, Ford and General Motors. That Tesla 'rally' in the market has turned Musk into richest man in the world, according to the Forbes list, with 266,000 million dollars.

But Musk's milestones go far beyond Tesla and his fortune. Spacex has become the dominator of private space conquest, with an established reusable rocket business and ambitious plans to reach Mars. And it also has initiatives in solar panels, neurotechnology, ultra-fast trains or artificial intelligence.

"Time" said it awarded the cover of "person of the year" to Musk for "creating solutions to an existential crisis, for personifying the possibilities and dangers of the era of tech titans and for driving the most daring transformations in society." . But he also portrayed Musk's 'character' on social media, “who many times seems to enjoy division and aggressive teasing».

Musk to Bernie Sanders: "I forget all the time that you're still alive"

It is evident that Musk likes provocation, as much or more than his technological creations. On Twitter, he is subscribed to constant controversy and their messages cause earthquakes in the markets, political parties and public opinion. He has moved the price of stocks or cryptocurrencies with emojis and laughed at politicians - "I forget all the time that you are still alive," he told leftist leader Bernie Sanders a few days ago - and at himself, like when this year hosted the weekly comedy show 'Saturday Night Life'.

Musk clearly enjoys being nonconformist and breaking up. He lives in a tiny prefab house on a SpaceX lot, he submitted to a Twitter poll the sale of millions of Tesla's own shares - the people voted 'yes' - he faced everyone in the pandemic - 'Free America Now', he wrote ', he has quarreled with the president of the United States. "Marionette of the unions"- and has teased Jeff Bezos. When he anticipated the creator of Amazon as the richest, he dedicated a brief message to him on Twitter: an emoji with a silver medal.

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