Elizabeth Warren announces exploratory committee for the 2020 elections

Elizabeth Warren announces exploratory committee for the 2020 elections

Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the best known faces of the Democratic Party, reported today the creation of an exploratory committee to analyze her possible presidential candidacy ahead of the elections of 2020, a legal step prior to the official announcement.

In a video of four and a half minutes, Warren addressed the American middle class and offered a message of economic populism.

"The middle class of the United States is under attack, how did we get here?" The billionaires and the big corporations decided that they wanted more of the pie, "the senator said for the state of Massachusetts.

In this way, Warren became the best known Democratic candidate to announce her intention to reach the White House and confront the US president, Donald Trump, who has already announced his intention to seek re-election.

In December, Democrat Julián Castro, who was Secretary of Housing during the Government of US President Barack Obama (2009-2017), also said that he had created an exploratory committee and that he would announce his final decision in early January.

Warren's announcement comes at a time when her popularity has dropped after the senator published the results of a DNA test in October to show she probably has Native American roots.

The newspaper "The Boston Globe" published the result of a DNA test that, at first, showed "solid evidence" that there was a Native American in the Warren family tree.

However, hours later the Boston newspaper recognized that there was a "mathematical error" in calculating Warren's genealogical heritage and that, in reality, the policy is between 1/64 and 1/1024 of Native American origin.

That step provoked the ridicule of Trump, who has repeatedly called her "Pocahontas", and the anger of the indigenous Cherokee Nation tribe, who asserted that the use of a DNA test to demonstrate "any connection" with Native American origins "is inappropriate and incorrect. "

In 2012, the legislator said she had indigenous roots, but the lack of evidence in this regard and her decision to identify herself as a Native American in the directory of the Association of Law Schools in the US led Trump and other conservatives to accuse her of having lied about that. point to advance your career.


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