Elizabeth II asks the British to be "united" to overcome the pandemic

Queen Elizabeth II addressed the citizens of the United Kingdom today in a televised speech in which she asked them to remain "united" to overcome the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which has already left nearly 5,000 dead in the country.

"We are fighting this disease together, and I want to assure you that if we continue united and determined we will overcome it," said the 93-year-old sovereign in a recorded message from Windsor Castle, east London, where she has temporarily moved to. to protect themselves from disease.

The head of state praised the work of health workers who are fighting on the front line against the spread of the virus, as well as that of employees in essential positions who continue to work while much of the population remains confined.

"I want to express appreciation also to those who are staying at home, and thereby helping protect the vulnerable and saving many families the pain felt by those who have lost loved ones," he said.

In a speech interspersed with images of health workers and citizens clapping outside their homes, Elizabeth II called on the British to remain calm and humorous in times of crisis.

"Those who come after us will say that the British of this generation were as strong as all the rest. The attributes of self-discipline, calm and good-humored determination, as well as companionship, still characterize this country," he said.

He also recalled the times of the Second World War and, in particular, his first radio address in 1940, in which he also addressed "children who had been evacuated from their homes" from Windsor.

"Today, once again, many will suffer a painful separation from their loved ones. But now, as much as then, we know, deep down, that this is what we must do," he stressed.

During her nearly seven decades of reign, Elizabeth II has reserved her televised speeches for moments of particular significance, beyond her annual Christmas speech.

He had addressed the nation in this format for the last time in 2012, celebrating the 60th anniversary of his accession to the throne, and earlier in 2002, after the death of the Queen Mother; in 1997, after the death of Princess Diana of Wales, and in 1991, during the Gulf War.


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