April 16, 2021

Elite Taxi: Tito Álvarez, an ultra behind the wheel | Ideas

Elite Taxi: Tito Álvarez, an ultra behind the wheel | Ideas

The taxi sector has its reasons and its unreasonableness, but the credibility of its claims suffers from the picturesqueness and belligerence of its spokespersons. It is the case of Peseto Loco in Madrid, whose tattooed biceps, marine hairstyle and flares in his hands have turned him into an iconographic reference of a paramilitary aesthetic to which Tito Álvarez has joined.

His name has gained an extraordinary popularity in the streets of Barcelona because it leads the guild's demands, but has moved to Madrid as if it were a galactic signing. The colleagues of the "forum" have incorporated it into the muscle of the protest because it is credited with having crafted the agreement with the Generalitat thanks to which the concerted transport vehicles (VTC) that operate in Barcelona they will have to respect the hiring of their services one hour in advance.

The problem is that Tito Álvarez (Barcelona, ​​1976) committed a counterproductive error as soon as he turned on the megaphone in Madrid. It surprised him, in short, that a "leftist and gay minister", in reference to Grande-Marlaska, head of the Interior, will send the police "to repress the people". He had to clarify later that he was not homophobic. And he even incurred the worst exculpatory argument – "I have homosexual friends" – but the astracanada tarnished the symbolic and superstitious power that the taxi drivers from Madrid attributed to Tito's guild myth.

He is the spokesman for the Elite Taxi union, but it can not be said that the career of the Barcelona activist comes from an old lineage. It does not have a license. He has only been in the trade for four years. And all the points of the driving license have been withdrawn in retaliation for successive urban disorders. Including the collapse of the Olympic Port of Barcelona.

He has no license, he has only been in the guild for four years, but he has already been baptized as the taxi messiah

They have come to judge him 19 times without a firm conviction. And he has transferred to the demanding space all the dramaturgy and strategy that he learned among the ultras of Barça, when he was sympathetic in the stands of the Boixos. Not only the notions of urban guerrilla. Also the recourse to incendiary songs. Álvarez recreates in all the apocalyptic and rhetorical repertoire of the revolution: "We will fight to the death"; "We do not swallow the terrorism of the State."

Both detractors deplore it that it is hard to label it (gangster ?, Communist ?, ultra right?hooligan?, Neo-Nazi?). She admits that a lot of warm blood runs through her veins, although in less abstract terms Tito Álvarez is of an Andalusian mother and of an Asturian father, resides in the working area of ​​Nou Barris and has a son who has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. He aspires to become an example for him. Leave him a legacy not a taxi license, but "the memory of a father who fought for his ideas and ideals."

Tito's life has been disordered. He got to sleep at the ATMs at night. And his professional career of ups and downs is defined in the provisional. Before getting baptized as the messiah of the taxi was a welder, messenger, waiter and crane driver. A traveling path. And a militant-ultra profile that Ada Colau liked, godmother of Barcelona taxi drivers because she considers them a genuine symbol of the city. And an antidote to the glimpses of globalization that are housed in the hustle and bustle of "cockroaches". That is the denigrating term with which Tito Álvarez qualifies the dark vehicles of the VTC. It has listings with license plates. Know how and where they operate. And for the same reason he is credited with having organized all kinds of sabotage: from the most innocent to the most violent.

In fact, Elite Taxi is a well-structured network. A syndicate of hardened drivers that tune into the radio space of The hornet's nest There Tito Alvarez looks his media and charismatic qualities. And from there he organized a escrache to Íñigo de la Serna in the summer of 2017.

It had transpired among the colleagues that the former Minister of Popular Development was at the station in France. Tito Álvarez suspended the broadcast: "The program is over, all by the minister." And for the minister were a hundred taxi drivers. Not to physically shake him, but to intimidate him before he granted them a five-minute testimonial meeting.

Álvarez does not define himself politically, beyond the "working blood". It sympathizes with the CUP not in ideas, but in the assembly spirit. And he seems quite aware of having embarked on an electoral trajectory. He is running out of small Seat Leon who pilots in his turn. And it is even presumed that he can adhere to Ada Colau's lists in the municipal elections. It would be the way to symbolize the marriage between the mayor and the taxi drivers of the capital.

Meanwhile, Tito Alvarez has put on his best yellow vest in Madrid. But it is not easy to detract from the protagonism of Mad Peseto, alias of a retired boxer, Nacho Castillo, whose lineage – his father was a taxi driver – and license (165,000 euros was spent on buying it) question the careerism with which colleague Álvarez is provided with providential qualities.


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