July 30, 2021

'Elite' is a drug | TV

'Elite' is a drug | TV

It is undeniable that Elite It hooks, and a lot. The new Spanish Netflix series knows what it is: a thriller youth with an ambition to become a global phenomenon. He knows what he wants and has all the ingredients to achieve it. And, in addition, it combines them in a more than worthy way to achieve that goal.

Elite It is a drug aimed at the young public, that which does not frequent traditional television and has embraced digital platforms. Once you start, the marathon is inevitable. And almost what is less is to know what has happened to the crime that is aimed at the beginning of the series and is unraveling throughout the eight episodes of the first season. Murder is a mere excuse. Elite It hooks up because its characters and the relationships that are established do so.

With elements that remind other youth stories like Gossip Girl and to narrations with wealthy characters with mystery of by means as Big Little Lies, will not appear in the lists of the best series of the year, but neither seems to be his intention. Its chapters enter one after the other like pipes. It's hard not to get caught up in so much cuteness (not an ugly student or the bunch at Las Encinas school, hear) and so much charisma.

'Elite' is a drug

Among high doses of sex, parties, drugs, trios, clandestine homosexual relationships, unexpected pregnancies … also takes advantage to launch interesting messages to youth and address issues such as HIV, homosexuality, racism or classism. All concentrated in light episodes of 50 minutes with a good musical selection and some dialogues that, although sometimes get to blush, within the context in which the story moves are forgiven and work.

Elite It is excessive, adolescent, it is well directed, it has a good technical bill and it is very clear what it is. And besides, it's very, very entertaining. It has arrived to become the new obsession of the young public. Elite It's a drug


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