Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Eliminate the 'target' housewives to measure television audiences

Kantar Media elimina el perfil de ‘ama de casa’ para medir las audiencias de TV

Times are changing and if there are times when changes at language, to make it more inclusive and less male chauvinist, it provokes somewhat hilarious situations, the certain thing is that the measurement that has taken Kantar Meida, the company that is responsible for measuring the audiences in TV in Spain, it was more than necessary. And, from now on, they will stop calling one of the sampling groups as Housewives.

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They will be called Responsible for the purchase of the home instead of the expression housewives that have much more sexist and macho connotations. In fact, the measurement company will define this new audience target as the "group of individuals who manage the money in the home and therefore decide and / or make the purchase".

At the request of Mediaset

Mediaset was the one that presented in the last edition of the AEDEMO Seminar on Multiscreen Television. The private company encouraged Kantar Media to leave behind the name housewives because it considers it "an obsolete and stereotyped term".

They intend, in this way, to use from now on a nomenclature more adapted to the social, labor and family news of this country. According to a recent study, four out of 10 people who are responsible for the purchase tasks are menNearly 40% are women who work outside the home full-time. For this reason, it is necessary to redefine not only the name with which this group of vital importance is denominated for advertisers but also to know better who makes it up.

(Mané Espinosa)

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