April 16, 2021

Elica in the Canary Islands, positive energy – The Province

Elica in the Canary Islands, positive energy - The Province

In recent years we have made progress in the area of renewable in the Canary Islands. We came from an unsustainable situation without introducing new renewable kilowatts. Polluting the planet and incurring high fuel generation costs fossils such as fuel and diesel.

The bet of some brave and visionary companies is managing to give an important change to the Canarian electrical mix and this, we must applaud it. In 2016, demand coverage with renewables was 7.8% and also with a situation of little growth in demand. The rest was covered with fossil fuels, something unacceptable.

In just three years with determination and effort The Government of the Canary Islands has managed to reverse the situation and increase the installed wind power in a significative way. The current mix incorporates 280 new mw throughout the Canary Islands, placing us closer to a demand coverage of 20% with renewables.

But this is not here, we must continue with the effort. There is so much to do. The energy observatory marked a wind target of 1,040 mw for 2025, and also enhance other technologies such as offshore wind, photovoltaics, etc.

In order for this to be possible and to continue on the road, we can not be confused with biased evaluations that seek political objectives, or others that are unspeakable.

The wind energy world has always managed to advance according to established norms and deadlines. Y so that finally a wind turbine ends up installed, many variables must be given and combined.

For starters, aerosols can not be located in places where there is no recourse, wind. Therefore, we already see a first selection that comes from nature and that determines which places are suitable and which are not. Also, it is necessary to take into account the evacuation infrastructures, substations and lines. If there are no infrastructures, or they are too far away, the project will not be viable. We continue with the planning, which we already know that in protected places it is not possible to implement any machine. In addition, there is a regulation of the councils, which guarantees distances to isolated houses, roads etc. No less important is the norm of the wind decree that forces to maintain distances between parks 8 diameters to leeward and windward and five to north and south. And finally, the "mother" norm, the environmental impact. This in addition to assessing what has already been mentioned also incorporates flora, fauna, landscape, etc. and with this they evaluate different alternatives and compensatory measures that the promoter must implement.

If this obstacle race happens, someone thinks there is a lack of planning, to our humble understanding, it is that they do not know the reality of the matter.

We have been able to see how certain areas of our islands are adapting their landscape, and finally a landscape that respects the environmentIt reduces pollution, makes us more responsible with what surrounds us and helps fight climate change. The good news is that these technologies are removable. Replacing the ground once the aero is removed is very simple.

We can not fail to highlight the positive externalities that all this represents. We manage to reduce polluting emissions and thereby improve the health of our neighbors. We become self-sufficient by improving our trade balance and reducing costs. We are able to be recognized as a society involved in defending the environment and championing the fight against climate change.

We want the future to value very positively the responsible work for a better Canary Islands, and above all for a better planet. Being still is not an option. We've been there for too long already. Must keep betting on renewable energies. Let no one distract you with absurd debates. Bet on positive energy!


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