August 9, 2020

Eleven years looking for Marta del Castillo’s body

Marta del Castillo, a 17-year-old girl did not return home in January 2009. From that moment begins a journey that lasts eleven years, with multiple defendants, false leads, delay of the process and some doubtful and erratic defendants. This is the chronology of the case of the death and disappearance of Marta del Castillo.

  • Saturday, January 24, 2009Marta del Castillo goes for a walk with friends in the Tartessos neighborhood of Seville.
  • Sunday 25Marta is still not coming home. His parents report his disappearance to the Police. The next Tuesday, the agents call relatives and friends of the girl. The family receives news that there are people who have seen their daughter in Cádiz and Jerez. On Wednesday 28, specialized agents arrive in Seville to join the police investigation, which still follows the line that it may have disappeared of its own accord.
  • Thursday 29th Friends, family and volunteers show up to help find Marta del Castillo and the judge decrees the summary secret. The next day 2,000 people concentrate on a demonstration to support the family of the disappeared.

February 2009

  • Tuesday February 3 Marta’s father, Antonio, assures the media that he believes his daughter has not disappeared of his own accord. The next day the Police declares that it opens an investigation with the version that Marta has been kidnapped or kidnapped.
  • Saturday, February 7, when two weeks of the disappearance are fulfilled, there is a new demonstration in Seville to which 3,000 people come to request that the means to search for it be increased.
  • In the third week of the beginning of the case the arrests begin: Miguel Carcaño, 19 years old and Marta’s ex-boyfriend declares that she is dead and confesses that he is the author. Samuel B. P, 19, is also arrested. Miguel confesses that he killed Marta, with which he had kept a brief relationship in the past, of a blow to the head with an ashtray during a discussion between them, in his apartment on León XIII street in Seville. He adds that, with the help of his friends, threw the body into the Guadalquivir river, specifically, between the field of Charco de la Pava and the town of Camas. The civil Guard start tracking area.
  • Sunday 15 search work is resumed along 80 kilometers in the Guadalquivir.
  • Monday 10 He stops El Cuco, a 15-year-old boy and Francisco Javier, 40-year-old Miguel’s half brother. Miguel and Samuel are sent to prison, without bail, by the judge. For its part, the Juvenile Court decrees the confinement in a closed regime of Javier G. M., as an alleged cover-up of the homicide. Police get new data on car night: Marta would have been taken out of her ex-boyfriend’s wheelchair and transported by motorcycle. Follow the search.
  • The following week, Tuesday, February 17, the Police go to Miguel’s house and reconstruct the facts. Samuel denies his participation and says he has an alibi. The next day Marta’s parents give a press conference on her home portal and ask for the life sentence for her daughter’s killers.
  • Thursday, 19. The judge decrees unconditional prison for the half brother of Migue. Francisco Javier maintains that he has evidence that he was not at the address where the events allegedly happened at dawn from January 24 to 25.
  • Saturday 21st A month of Marta’s disappearance is celebrated. Hundreds of people ask in Madrid for a hardening of sentences.

The police believe in his first hypothesis that Miguel picked up Marta about 6:00 p.m. on January 24 and took her by motorcycle to her home. It seems that an argument leads to Marta’s aggression with an ashtray, went out to a booth and told her friend Samuel. They are joined by El Cuco with his own car (from his mother) and Javier, the stepbrother, who could have helped clean the blood. The three, Miguel, Samuel and El CUco get rid of Marta’s body wrapped in a blanket.

  • The last days of February Several things happen. Antonio del Castillo meets in La Moncloa with the President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and asks for the incorporation into the Penal Code of the life sentence to punish crimes such as the murder of his daughter. The Andalusian Audiovisual Council denounces the informative treatment Marta’s case and highlights the dissemination of various interviews conducted by Telecinco and Antena 3 to Rocío, the 14-year-old teenager related to Miguel. The ssaturday 28 are met five weeks since the disappearance of the young woman. The campaign started seven days ago by the establishment of life imprisonment in Spain has collected 50,000 signatures.

March 2009

  • He changes the version of Miguel Carcaño and states that he invented everything. On the 13th there are remains of Marta’s blood and remains of the blanket that was supposedly used to wrap the corpse. In those weeks, Carcaño’s girlfriend, Rocío, had gone to a television set to defend her boyfriend. However, several days later he dismissed the statement: now he claimed that Miguel had confessed to him the crime. In the middle of the month, Miguel Carcaño changes his version and says that they deposited the body in a garbage container. Then he changes his version again and says that it was the Cuckoo who killed Marta, after they both raped her by threatening her with a razor.
  • In April 2009, the search at the landfill was unsuccessful.

May 2009

  • At the beginning of the month Francisco Javier writes a letter in prison defending his innocence and accusing his brother Miguel Carcaño of deceiving him and getting him released on the 20th of that month. At the end of May the judge imposes a bond to secure future compensation to the family.

July 2009 the Prosecutor’s Office imputes the murder and rape of Marta to Cuckoo. In September it is decided that a popular jury will judge the accused of legal age and Carcaño changes its version again. A new search begins on September 29 in a ditch near the house of Carcaño’s girlfriend.

December 2009

  • The Provincial Court of Seville accepts the petition of provisional release of Samuel Benítez, so the young man leaves the prison of Huelva in which he was locked since February. The Prosecutor’s Office sees “sufficient” evidence about the participation of Francisco Javier Delgado and his girlfriend María as coverts in the case.
  • The judge orders to look again for the body in the ditch of Camas, in February 2010. The following months the search for Beds ends without success and the judge charges Carcaño with two crimes of rape and one of murder. The judge insists that the case be tried by a popular jury.

In November they stop the Cuckoo for skipping the restraining order, it was 50 km from Seville.

Year 2011

  • The Prosecutor’s Office will request the extension of Carcaño prison. All witnesss but one refuses to testify in the Cuckoo trial. January 24 The trial against Cuckoo begins in Seville. The minor reiterates his innocence and states that he was not even on the floor the night of the events.
  • March 2011, El Cuco ’is tried for the rape and death of Marta del Castillo. He was sentenced to three years in a juvenile center and another two years of probation for a cover-up crime. The sentence acquitted the minor of the crimes of rape and murder.
  • November 2011 and during the trial a new witness appeared who claimed to have transferred Francisco Javier Delgado, brother of the murderer confessed, Miguel Carcaño, to the address of León XIII street in the early morning of the crime. The statement of this taxi driver has not gained relevance these days until January 2017. The Prosecutor’s Office considers that Miguel Carcaño and ‘el ​​Cuco’ violated and subsequently strangled Marta del Castillo. The prosecutor’s report maintains that Francisco Javier Delgado and Samuel Benítez also participated in the transfer of the body of the young woman. The prosecutor maintains that the real version of the events is the one declared by Miguel Carcaño on March 17, 2009. On November 29, the trial is seen for sentencing: The prosecutor asks for 52 years in prison for Miguel for the crimes of murder , two crimes of sexual assault and another against moral integrity, while he has requested eight years for his brother, Francisco Javier Delgado, and five for Samuel Benítez and María García.

Year 2012

  • The Seville Court sentenced Carcaño to 20 years in prison for Marta’s murder and has been acquitted of the crime of rape (January 13, 2012). The other three accused are acquitted.

Year 2013

  • In February, the Supreme Court aggravates Miguel Carcaño’s sentence in one year and three months by adding a crime against the moral integrity of the victim’s family. In addition, they condemn him to pay the expenses of the search of the body. In April, Carcaño changes its version again. At that time, he affirms that it was his brother who killed the Sevillian by hitting her with his gun. Several days later, Francisco Javier Delgado is released. Two months later, Carcaño he tells the police that Marta’s body is on the Majaloba estate and the search team moves there with a georradar.

May 2013, the investigating judge 4 of Seville files the open case against Francisco Javier Delgado for his alleged participation in the crime. The judge considers that the seventh version of his brother Miguel is “fanciful, absurd, inconsistent, illogical and incredible.” On the 28th of the same month the Audiencia of Seville returns to acquit Samuel Benitez cover-up. The Hearing confirms its first sentence, according to which Marta’s body was taken from the floor of León XIII street in Seville and thrown in an unknown place between 21 and “at most” 10:15 pm, and rejects the “contradiction” and “inaccuracy” of the Prosecutor’s Office and the particular accusation exerted by the victim’s parents, who placed the operations to dispose of the body in the next morning.

June 2013. The girl’s family raises a demand for amparo before the TC to annul the sentences of the Supreme Court and the provincial Court. In July, Marta’s body is sought with georradar on the La Rinconada estate without luck. In August the police detect two graves in the farm that Carcaño had said. In September Carcaño is transferred from Morón de la Frontera to Herrera de la Mancha in Ciudad Real. The search in recent months in the Majaloba does not give any results in three days.

December 2013. Ramón Melendi asked for social networks to contact Marta’s parents to offer to pay the costs of the trial.

Year 2014

In January, the National Police met with the relatives of Miguel Carcaño, the murderer of the young Marta del Castillo, to obtain new clues about the place where the body is hidden. In March 2014, Miguel Carcaño undergoes in Zaragoza the test known as the truth test. The result of the test shows a very strong stimulus of Marta’s murderer before the image of a dump. Several days later the police begin to look for the young woman in a dump located between Seville and Camas.

July 2014Miguel Carcaño returns to his version that the victim’s body is buried in the Majaloba estate of La Rinconada (Seville) and that he has never pointed to the dump where the police had been looking for months after the stimuli that were checked in his brain when seeing the beds dump. In November they stop searching the location.

January 2015 starts a new search for Marta, this time around the Charco de la Pava and the town of Camas. A few months later, in September, a police advisor who remained infiltrated two and a half years in the environment and family of ‘El Cuco’ told in the Antena 3 program ‘Public Mirror’ that Miguel Carcaño had moved the body of the Young man in several garbage bags.

At the end of 2016, the judge of Instruction number 2 of Seville cited to declare as investigated ‘El Cuco’ and his parents in January 2017 after being denounced by Marta del Castillo’s parents on account of an alleged crime of false testimony in the trial of crime On Tuesday, January 17, ‘El Cuco’ and his parents accepted their right not to testify in the appearance they were summoned. Antonio del Castillo gives the judge of Instruction number 4 of Seville a new report that the confessed murderer, Miguel Carcaño, could have thrown the body of the young Sevillian to an area of ​​the Guadalquivir river where his daughter has not been sought before .

February 18, 2017, the seventh search of Marta’s body of the castle begins using a ship of the Marine Hydrographic Institute combing the dock of the Guadalquivir between the bridges of Alamillo and Barqueta. Wednesday, March 1 andMarta del Castillo’s father meets Miguel Carcaño when he does not find his daughter’s body in the Guadalquivir River. Carcaño assures him that his daughter’s body is on the Majaloba estate. May 2017 The Police begins a new search for the body of Marta del Castillo. Agents track land next to the town’s funeral home (Camas), an area where Miguel Carcaño’s brother was doing shooting practices. On Monday of the following week the new search concludes without positive results after studying a plot of about 1,500 square meters of land.

In 2018Marta’s family joins Diana Quer, Mariluz Cortés, Candela and Amaia Oubel and Ruth and José Bretón’s family to ask politicians in Congress not to repeal the reviewable permanent prison. They get 2.5 million signatures. In June of that year, El Cuco’s mother is sentenced to pay a fine for leaving with her son in a travel car and breaking the order to remove Marta’s parents.

2019 year

The girl’s grandfather, José Antonio Casanueva, records a document for the prosecutor in Seville to repeat the 2011 trial because there are “inconsistencies” in the sentence. On January 19, 2019, 200 cars are concentrated in Seville to request that the trial be repeated.


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