September 22, 2020

Eleven years in prison for abusing a minor that his daughter had taken in – La Provincia

The fourth section of the Provincial Court of Pontevedra has sentenced a neighbor of Mondariz to 11 years in prison that he sexually abused a minor that his daughter had in foster care. In addition, the court imposed nine years of probation on him, as well as the prohibition on communicating by any means and from approaching less than 500 meters from the victim for a period of nine years greater than the duration of the prison sentence imposed.

The person convicted of a crime of continued sexual abuse with prevalence and penetration has also been disqualified from any profession or trade, whether or not paid, that involves contact with minors for a period of time greater than five years than the duration of the prison sentence imposed .

As civil liability, you must indemnify the minor with 25,000 euros. The defendant, according to the Hearing, had “full knowledge” that the girl was 14 years old. In addition, the judges point out that he had “a family relationship” with the minor, who presented “A maturational delay crediting a degree of disability of 35%”.


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