Eleven inmates of the Salto del Negro, against sexist violence

Eleven inmates of the Salto del Negro, against sexist violence

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They have also received training on equality and new masculinities

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A total of
internal eleven of Las Palmas I prison (Salto del Negro) have participated in the 'Plural Masculino' project, which aims to
prevent sexist violence and educate in equality and in new masculinities to inmates.

The Councilor for Equality and Diversity of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mari Carmen Reyes, has participated this Wednesday in the
delivery of diplomas to the 11 interns participants of the first group that has participated in the initiative, which has been carried out since May by two experts in this field: Javier López, pedagogue and specialist in masculinities, and José Francisco Mesa, social educator.

The participants, as reported by the consistory in a note, carried out an evaluation of the project during the last session, in which they valued the “Masculino Plural” workshops, their contents and the teaching team in charge of teaching them as good (50% ) or very good (50%).

100% stated that they would repeat similar activities and that they would recommend them to the rest of the inmatesas they did last Tuesday in the assembly of the UTE module, explaining the experience and learning to the rest of their colleagues, just over 70 inmates of the 800 that this penitentiary houses.

The inmates highlight as more significant the content related to the mechanisms of socialization and learning of masculinity, emotional limitations, the importance of equality without discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation, as well as training in problem-solving skills. conflicts and strategies to avoid violence.

«The training in masculinities with a feminist perspective in this penitentiary center will constitute a
sexist violence prevention tool and will favor the future coexistence in society of these inmates", Reyes highlighted, adding that through these workshops, they will continue to develop now with other groups in the penitentiary,

"We encourage the involvement of men so that they are an active part in the fight for gender equality," he said.

For his part, Javier López pointed out that the project helps men to understand a good part of their life paths and to reorient behaviour, inviting them to transgress the demands of competitiveness, success at any price and the legitimization of violence, among other traditionally masculine attitudes .

For his part, the director of the prison, Gabriel Jiménez, stressed that "it is essential that these types of programs be carried out in prisons, with the aim of sowing the seed of equality among inmates and that the message permeate their environments and their families«.

The project has been divided into 12 workshopswith a duration of three and a half hours each and weekly frequency in whose classes they have combined theoretical approaches and psychophysical and integration dynamics, "from an always participatory proposal".

Among others, topics related to the construction of gender, the mandates of normative masculinity, socialization processes, the legitimization of the use of violence among men, the limitations of the myths of sexuality in traditional masculinity, the personal and social consequences of trying to be the «hegemonic man», care and self-care.

participants have been provided with tools for conflict resolution.

The second edition of 'Plural Masculino' will begin next week in module 10 of Salto del Negro with a new group of inmates, and will last until the end of October.

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