Eleven deputies from Adelante, from Podemos, pay their income to SAS

Eleven deputies from Adelante Andalucía, all from Podemos, will pay some 31,667 euros to the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) corresponding to the income they have renounced during the confinement weeks of March and April, a measure that they have not joined the six IU deputies who complete this parliamentary group.

In total, the eleven purple deputies of Adelante return up to 60 percent of their income from the aforementioned period to the SAS, as a donation to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The president of the Adelante group, Teresa Rodríguez, explained in a video broadcast by her training that the initiative corresponds to the proposal that she presented a few weeks ago in the Andalusian Parliament.

The objective was to reduce the salary of all the deputies of the Andalusian Chamber and not to collect per diems, a proposal that was voted against by the groups of PSOE, PP, Cs and Vox.

This group maintains that, although the Presidency of Parliament assures that travel expenses will not be collected, this only corresponds to a minimum part of the total allowance account for the exercise of the position and not to the total compensation received by the deputies.

"It is not an exceptional measure, since in normal periods that part is not charged if the deputies do not attend the parliamentary sessions," he said.

Rodríguez has assured that from his team they will comply with the commitments and they will cut "30% the salary and renounce 100% of the compensation that the deputies charge without justifying, despite the fact that we have tried to justify them with tickets during all the months of the year ".

In total, it is appropriate to resign between 45 and 60% of income during quarantine, a variation that is a function of the salary difference between some deputies.

The purple leader has affirmed: "we do not want to donate it, we want to return it, there are those who are donating to victims' associations that have been created for the occasion, which seems a little suspicious to us, and we want to return it to the public box, to the box of money from around the world. "

The way to return the income to the SAS will be through the donation box, "the only way we have to return the money," Rodríguez explained.

"We do not agree that health is financed with donations but with taxes and guaranteeing the public and quality health system," he said.


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