Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Elena Rodríguez, mother of Adara, contestant of Survivors 2020

The next edition of
is about to begin and this same Thursday the name of the thirteenth contestant of the program has been known. She is nothing more and nothing less than Elena Rodriguez, mother


Adara Miller,
the recent winner of
Big Brother VIP 7.

This has been confirmed by Mediaset, which with this name already adds thirteen to the list of known faces of the universe of the audiovisual group in packing for the reality show

of survival most famous of television. In the case of Elena Rodríguez being also her first inclusion as a protagonist.

And it is that to date Adara’s mother had participated in the programs of the different Mediaset networks like that, as mother of. It will be from the next few weeks when we see Rodriguez being the protagonist of his own adventure and relegating his daughter to the background. Or maybe not?

The truth is that Elena will have to live with Hugo Sierra, who has been until recently her daughter’s partner. “I’m going to give it my all, I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest, I’m going to try to be as strong as I can and I hope you enjoy it very much with me, ”she said in the presentation video that Mediaset has made known along with its confirmation.

Elena Rodríguez, next contestant of 'Survivors 2020'.

Elena Rodríguez, next contestant of ‘Survivors 2020’.

An audiovisual element where he has recognized feeling “super happy” and “super excited” for having been confirmed for 2020 survivors. Do youWho will be the remaining three participants? what remain to be known And that will also add to the adventure of their lives from the coming weeks?

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