October 28, 2020

Elena Melin leaves ‘escape’ from the Barcelona CAR, closed by Covid-19 – La Provincia

High Performance Center (CAR) of Sant Cugat, Barcelona. Friday, at about three in the afternoon. Meeting with athletes to communicate that the facility was still open for athletes classified or with options to attend the Tokyo 2020 Games, but in confinement for the next two weeks, with minimal services in the canteen, medical and physiotherapy services, more reduction of training schedules.

Friday, between six and six thirty in the afternoon. Announcement to athletes of the total closure of the CAR due to a positive test for coronavirus by a member of the health staff. You could spend the night at the facilities and leave them early yesterday, when the closure and the reason for it were publicly announced.

Friday, starting at half past six in the afternoon. An attempt is being made to find a pool that will continue to operate outside the CAR to move the base of operations, in addition to a new place of residence, so that the members of the Spanish synchronized swimming team could maintain their work routine, despite the Covid-19 .

The group is made up of between 30 and 35 people: athletes -among them the Gran Canaria Elena Melián-, technical staff, doctor and physical therapists. Given the impossibility of carrying out that plan B, the undine isleña rushes to find a way to return home. His particular time trial begins, as the news that the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, was considering the option of the total closure of Catalonia by the Covid-19.

The concern of the athletes of the group who are not of Catalan origin then was to seek the formula of returning home. Elena Melián got a plane ticket at half past ten at night, and at twenty past seven in the morning yesterday she took a flight to Gran Canaria.

Upon arrival at the family home, the undine Forged in the CN Metropole, as a preventive measure, she decided to isolate herself in her room. “I feel fine thanks to God, but just in case … Fortunately, I did not have direct contact with that member of the CAR medical staff,” explained the athlete, who points out that, if she had not been able to return to the Island, she had planned “to stay this time in the house of one of his companions”.

“For now, they told us that the CAR will be closed for 21 days. They told us that, if they find a pool outside the CAR before where we can carry out our training, we would come back sooner,” adds Elena Melián.

Despite the break in preparation in a very important year for the Spanish synchronized swimming team, with many possibilities of being present at the next Tokyo Olympic Games, Elena Melián and her colleagues consider that the measures being taken in the face of this emergency due to the coronavirus they are necessary.

With the Olympic Cup on doors

As for the nearest future, sportingly speaking, the Gran Canaria athlete shows her uncertainty about the participation of the national team in the Pre-Olympic, which is scheduled, if not suspended, for the end of April and the beginning of May: “We do not know what will occur”.

The requirement in training for the national team for this event and the subsequent Games was maximum since the campaign began. “The planning for this season was totally different because of the participation in Tokyo 2020. At Christmas, for example, I could only be three days at home. Now, some of us were training from seven-thirty in the morning until one in the morning. late, and then from three-thirty to six-thirty or seven-thirty, “says Elena Melián.

The young woman undine Grancanaria, on the possible postponement or suspension of the Olympic Games next summer, pointed out that “it will finally be the International Olympic Committee that decides it”, but acknowledges that it would be “a hard stick” if they were not held on the scheduled date.

In spite of the dismemberment provisional of the synchronized Spanish team after the close of the CAR, Elena Melián and her teammates will continue exercising following some guidelines that will be set by the coaching staff, in addition to maintaining routines in terms of schedules.


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