June 21, 2021

Elejalde directs | Culture | THE COUNTRY

Elejalde directs | Culture | THE COUNTRY

I find myself Israel Elejalde in the Commercial Cafe of Madrid. He is immersed in trials of The resistance, by Lucía Carballal, which star Mar Sodupe and Francesc Garrido and premieres in the Channel on January 31. We chatted, as always, about many things. There goes a selection.

Talk about magic. "What I like most about directing? -tells me-. Work with the actors. See them I always learn and they always surprise me. The other day I felt that for a few moments the thing did not end well. I was giving too many notes and at the same time saying 'I do not know how to help'. Until suddenly, clack, the magic arose. Everything seemed to go alone. They jumped somewhere else and started doing much better things than I had imagined. That's what I enjoy the most: the moment when everything fits, everything walks. The moment when the actors feel free and take a creative leap. Something that many times I have lived as an actor, but sometimes, as a director, I can not recognize. "

Talk about fear "There are many fears. There is a very plural one, I have verified it: when we started to rehearse in the theater. That's where many of the elements of what the work is going to be together appear for the first time and you say: 'There is no turning back'. Raisins of the intimate, of that area of ​​discovery, of adventure, to think: 'What we do is a spectacle and people will come to judge it'. And then you start to feel the step and the weight of time much closer: the premiere seems to be around the corner. It's not the case now, luckily: we're doing well. "

He speaks of the hand and the focus: "I think that as a director they ask me for what I ask as an actor: to give them a hand when they do not stand up. All the functions have several points of view and you are the one who decides where you are going to focus. The actor must share it and from there work together. As an actor there are moments when you do not know where you are on stage and you need the hand, the director's guide. But without going over. What I told you before: at first I spend a lot of time on stage and then I have more and more desire to be in the stalls, watching the actors. And may they be the ones who, if they need it, ask for some indication. "

He speaks of the two speeds: "The difficult thing is not to mount a cast, but to maintain it, because we live at double speed. The theater industry works very slowly. Bowling, for example, does not start until you've released, sometimes six months later. And it is very difficult to sustain a company with three bolos a month. And that's where the other speed comes in. Film production is more or less in the same place: what has changed is television, which commands a lot. At the moment there are about forty series to be released. It is not normal either. " We continue


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