Electricity demand falls 18% in the first day after the paralysis of spurious activity

The accumulated demand for electricity in the peninsular system has fallen by around 18% during this Monday, the first business day after the stoppage of all non-essential economic activity decreed by the Council of Ministers to try to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

According to data provided by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, the accumulated demand for electrical energy at the peninsular level until 8:00 p.m. this Monday has been approximately 18% lower than on equivalent Mondays without the current alarm state and is a 7% down on Monday of last week.

Compared to a year ago, the drop in electricity demand registered this Monday is approximately 99 GWh compared to that registered on April 1, 2019, which represents a decrease of 17%; Compared to the last Monday without alarm, on March 9, the drop is 18%, equivalent to about 105 GWh. And if you compare the demand of this Monday with that of a week ago, the drop is about 37 GWh, which represents a decrease of 7%.

This Monday at 9 in the morning, electricity consumption in the peninsular system stood at 23,258 megawatts (MW), which represents a decrease of 13% compared to 26,732 MW at the same time a week ago and 30% with Regarding the 32,869 MW on March 9, the day when the closure of the schools in the Community of Madrid was announced and the state of alarm had not yet been decreed.

However, this instant demand data, collected from the system operator's website on an unusually cold day for this time of year, does not debug the effect of temperatures and the work schedule.

Industry sources believe that the true size of the fall in electricity demand after the tightening of the economic paralysis measures will be seen more clearly as of this Tuesday, as the large industries go into safe stop mode electrointensive that cannot paralyze their activity overnight. This will induce an even lower drop in consumption, given that the industry accounts for around half of electricity demand in Spain.

According to data compiled by EFE, the stoppage of the economy due to the state of alarm decreed to combat Covid-19 has already caused a collapse of up to 90% in the electricity consumption of certain industries, a circumstance that is expected to become even more widespread after the decision to close all non-essential activities between Monday and Tuesday.

Thus, sectors such as suppliers to vehicle factories, metal, the furniture industry or the toy industry have come to see their light consumption reduced to a tenth of normal due to the state of alarm decreed on March 14 .

The coronavirus health emergency also has forced to delay the refueling of two plants nuclear plants, Almaraz (Cáceres) and Ascó (Tarragona), which initially planned to carry them out on March 29 and April 28, respectively. The next on the calendar is that of Trillo (Guadalajara), which is scheduled to recharge for next May.

However, demand coverage is guaranteed and it is not ruled out that the system operator has to order the shutdown of electrical energy production facilities due to the drop in consumption.


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