February 27, 2021

Electric vehicle registrations beat all records

The sale of electric cars continues to grow at a good pace, doubling the enrollment (125%) in the period January-June and growing 72% in July, although they still only represent 0.6% of the market, which stood at 138,638 units (-9.21%), when the Integrated Energy and Climate Plan foresees that in 2030 they represent 15% of the total fleet of vehicles at that date.

The registrations of electric vehicles (passenger cars, commercial, industrial, buses and quadricycles) reached 911 units in the seventh month of the year, which represents an increase of 72% compared to the same month of 2018. Deliveries of electric models in The Spanish market totaled 7,572 units so far this year, which translates into a 101% rise compared to the same months of 2018, while the quota was 0.79%. Plug-in hybrid vehicles stood at 511 units in the monthly calculation, 8% more, while they accounted for only 0.37% of the market. Until July, the volume was 4,025 units, 27.5% more and a quota of 0.42%. In Spain last month 3,711 gas vehicles were sold in all its modalities, an additional 20.6%, registering a 2.68% penetration of the market as a whole, while the volume was 21,555 units, 53% more (2.24% share). As for hybrids, the commercial figure in July it was 10,107 units, which represents an increase of 34.4% and a penetration of 7.29%. Since January 60,805 vehicles of this type were registered in Spain, 33.93% more, with a share of 6.31%. In the Spanish market no hydrogen vehicle was sold so far this year. In addition, gasoline model registrations fell 0.91% in July, to 73,957 units, with a penetration of 53.36%, and rose 3.76% so far in 2019, with 512,702 units and a fee of 53.24% .Before the data of registrations of electric vehicles, the National Association of Sellers of Motor Vehicles, Repair and Parts (Ganvam) and the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Vehicles (Aedive) have urged a restatement of the Moves Plan, because "it is not working as it should." Specifically, they consider necessary a state program with bases and a single call instead of betting on a territorial operation, as well as a review of the requirements of chipping. In addition, both associations are also committed to tax-cutting measures that help companies to electrify their fleet, such as, for example, the recovery of deductions for companies that invest in 'green' vehicles. They also advocate that the deduction in performance in kind for pure electric business vehicles is at least 50% or for allowing those vehicles whose price before VAT exceeds the ceiling established for aid can compute with the maximum established cost.

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