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Elections | Television | THE COUNTRY

Reality and fiction: the same day that President Sánchez announced the call for general elections, the TNT chain broadcast the last two episodes of Vote Juan, a comic vision of the ins and outs of Spanish politics in eight chapters. Created by Diego San José (Eight Basque surnames) and Juan Cavestany, (Shame), It narrates the adventures of a clumsy and petty Agriculture Minister anxious to reach the presidency of the Government. The awkwardness of the ministers and high officials is habitual and known; pettiness is sensed, but without confirmation. Javier Cámara and María Pujalte co-star in the series, directed by David Serrano and Víctor García León: an effective team that gives shape to funny scripts in which the irresistible ascension of Cámara strolls through a territory of machicovelos de mesa stretcher and stab, own and others.

Juan Carrasco is a Minister of Agriculture absolutely ignorant of agriculture, able to chulearle 20 euros to the Romanian household employee while rejecting his daughter for a matter of image, or return an Iberian ham for the sake of its incorruptible transparency, not without before giving the exchange for a substitute; able, also, to remove from the sleeve unpresentable private recordings of his rival in the debate of the primaries. Apparently, there were always Villarejos.

Naturally, once again, the reality surpasses the fiction: a former Minister of Industry of the Conservative Government, dismissed or resigned for lying about accounts in tax havens, after overcoming the two years of incompatibilities established by law, has been integrated into the board of directors of one of the most important Volkswagen dealers in Spain. Industry never sanctioned Volkswagen for the fraudulent manipulation of its diesel engines that has resulted in a sanction by the EU and the opening of a criminal case in the National Court. Conclusion: Carrasco is an amateur!


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