elDiario.es publishes the podcast 'In the Pediatric ICU'

A group of five male and female nurses from the Intensive Care Unit of a Pediatric ICU has worked with artists and mediators to create three artistic works that are presented this Thursday in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the city where the hospital where they work is located. These works are an illustrated story, a mobile library and a podcast entitled In the Pediatric ICU, which will be published by elDiario.es the first week of October.

In the Pediatric ICU, it goes through five chapters inside this child care unit of the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. It is a sound narration written by Elena Cabrera, editor-in-chief of Culture at elDiario.es that opens, in her words, "that black box that is a children's ICU", a place where the fragility of life appears, where children and girls receive important health and emotional care, an essential and exciting place that, in reality, is very unknown to society in general.

This series of episodes reveal part of the nursing staff: Quique Chinea, Lili Quintero, Ruymán Miranda, Seve Torres and Laura León. How caregivers take care, where they get their strength from, how life got them there. The stories of his patients also appear, which are both children and their families, since they also suffer and accompany and need emotional care.

In their relationship with the little patients, male and female nurses use fantasy and science fiction to avoid technical explanations about all that number of complex medical devices that appear in the ICU box. They let out the boy or girl inside them to cultivate empathy and gain the trust of children and adolescents. They laugh and cry with them. Inevitably they also become, in a very short time but very intensely, part of the family.

The nursing profession demands a central place within the care society and the public health system. The history of this group of male and female nurses contributes to a better understanding of the role they claim and deserve. The podcast, the illustrated story and the mobile library are part of the project concomitants, a non-profit cultural production company, founded in 2018, that promotes the creation of works of art that connect with their social environment. Concomitentes invites groups from civil society to become the citizen promoters - the concomitentes, who in this case they are the five nurses from the Pediatric ICU of the Canarian hospital—of a work of art and accompanies the consequent negotiation process, through mediation work. Felipe G. Gil, of the cultural management cooperative ZEMOS98has been the mediator of this project, which has the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation as institutional collaborator and founding patron in Spain.

The methodology used by Concomitentes was created in 1990 by the Belgian artist François Hers. Since then, the initiative has had an enormous social and cultural impact wherever it has been implemented, giving rise to more than 500 projects in various European countries in the last 25 years.

The concurrence at the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria University Hospital has generated, in addition to the podcast, an illustrated story created by El Hematocritico with the visual accompaniment of the Canarian artist Cynthia Hierro. And also to a mobile library designed by the Canarian architect of the Civic Innovation Office, Artemi Hernández.

Weekly, elDiario.es will publish the five chapters of the series. You can also listen to it on your usual audio platforms:

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