elDiario.es participates in the literary conversation of the Madrid Book Fair

elDiario.es participates in the literary conversation of the Madrid Book Fair

The Madrid Book Fair is the capital's great literary event and one of the most important at a national level, thanks to its large volume of sales, its popularity and its nature of meeting between authors and readers. This year it is celebrated from May 27 to June 12 with some changes after the replacement in the address.

elDiario.es will be present with informative coverage, like every year, as well as with two events in which the medium will participate in the literary life of the fair. In one of them we took our podcast to the gardens of El Retiro and, in the other, we moderated a round table that will be broadcast by streaming by elDiario.es.

Next Tuesday, May 31, at 6:00 p.m., the head of Culture at elDiario.es, Elena Cabrera, will present a round table with the writers Margarita Yakovenko (author of Desencajada) and Najat el Hashmi (author of Monday they will love us) in the CaixaBank Cultural Activities Pavilion. Both are Spanish but Yakovenko is of Ukrainian origin and El Hachmi is Moroccan, which will give them the opportunity to talk about how to write in a language other than their mother tongue, in a meeting entitled write in foreign language.

Micros to the garden

On Friday, June 3 at 6:30 p.m., Juanlu Sánchez will take his podcast to the streets a topic a day to do it from the heart of the Book Fair. It will be a special format under the theme What journalists say in their books. Sánchez will talk with several guests. one of them will be Anthony Masterjournalist, columnist for elDiario.es and author of the broken ones, an essay on how social origin influences the working class. In addition, the editing of reports, memoirs and journalistic research work will be addressed with Álvaro Llorca, editor of KO Booksthe publishing house that published farina by Nacho Carter either Madrid, 1983, by Arturo Lezcano. They will be accompanied by the journalist from elDiario.es, Elena Cabrera.

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