Elder Tamaraceite assaults Silvestre Carrillo - La Provincia

Elder Tamaraceite assaults Silvestre Carrillo - La Provincia

The duel in the Silvestre Carrillo that measured Delivery courier against the leader of the competition, the Tamaraceite, ended with a visitor victory. A very disputed match that took the whole Gran Canaria with a goal of López Silva, of direct fault, on the edge of rest. With this result, the palmers they chain second consecutive loss, while those of Chus Trujillo lead alone the classification table of the Canary group of Third Division.

From the beginning there was an clash of power to power, with two contenders who wanted the ball. Was the local box the one who had the first occasion. In the sixth minute, the center from the left to the far post by Víctor Rodríguez topped it Álex González, but his shot was diverted to corner kick by visiting goalkeeper Jonay.

After this occasion, it was passed to a phase where midfielder prevailed; the goal opportunities shone by their absence. The Tamaraceite had controlled the forwards of a Messenger who abused the direct game, which allowed those of Chus Trujillo not to have too many problems in defense.

In the only occasion with danger the visitor came the goal. Demolition on the front of the area Eros, the referee blows and López Silva sends the ball, on the right side of Garate, at the bottom of the network.

Despite being a so much of the so-called psychologicals, the Messenger had one last chance, when Dylan hit a ball on the crossbar after center Camacho.

In the second part, things did not vary. Both teams wanted the ball, but it was the palmeros who moved it, although they did not reach the opposing area clearly. Meanwhile, the leader was dedicated to defend already look for the contra before the gaps left by the local defense. They could extend distances in the 53 minute, on a ball that was found Samuel Casais in the area, free of brand, but that was rejected by the red and black Garate.

As the minutes passed, the meeting became a constant give and take, where the red and black they were looking for the desperately equaled. In the final minutes, Yeray could match the shock, but his shot went to the left of the goal defended by Jonay. With this defeat, the messenger remains to eight points of the grancanario set.

Data sheet

Delivery courier: Gárate, Camacho (Azael, 67 '), Orlando, Omar, Kai (Óscar, 57'), Jaime, Vianney, Vallejo (Dylan, 37 '), Víctor, Yeray and Alex.

Tamaraceite: Jonay, Aythami Álvarez, Jordan, Alejandro, Alberto, Samuel Casais (Juan Andrés, 76 '), Zizu (Aythami Betancour, 76'), José María, Eros (Joel, 92 '), López Silva and Borja Vera.

Referee: Daniel Velázquez Rodríguez. He admonished local players Orlando and Alex; and to the visitors Aythami Álvarez, Jordan, Eros, López Silva and Aythami Betancour.

Goal: 0-1 .- (43 '): López Silva.

Incidents: Game played at Silvestre Carrillo before some 400 spectators.


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