Elche sets its eye on Europe after beating Valencia

Elche has taken a liking to Santander League in just five games after getting his tthird win, the second in a row, in the derby (2-1) against a Valencia who is still in free fall and starts flirting with the most dangerous positions in the rankings.

The team of Jorge Almiron has taken the pulse of the category and this was demonstrated this Friday in the duel that opened the seventh day of the championship. The excellent performance of Josán Ferrández, author of the first goal and assistant of the second, by Fidel Chaves, stood out above the rest. Elche will continue for another week in the cloud.

The victory was set in the first part, Valencia showed their defensive problems leaving many spaces that were soon taken advantage of by the Elicitan side. Javi Gracia's team, the only reinforcement of the 'che' team last summer, barely took 19 minutes to concede the 1-0 after an outstanding play by Josan.

The Crevillente player got rid of Gayá with a jog towards the peak of the area and took a left-footed shot that ended up beating Jaume by the far post. A flag goal that served to undermine the morale of the 'che' team and to give wings to the locals. Elche went to more in the first half and completely dominated the rhythm of the game.

Josan followed his own and pressure after loss made it 2-0 with less than ten minutes to go. Fidel took advantage of the gift to perfection with an unappealable left foot for the Valencian goal. The goal did justice to the superiority of the team recently promoted to the First Division. In the second part the tables were turned.

Valencia reacted and began to threaten an Elche who took - naturally - a step back. Edgar Badía avoided the goal on several occasions: a shot by Gabriel from the front and a shot by Carlos Soler after a surprising improvement from the visiting team. The game changed completely and the goal was close.

So it was when Kang in leeJust entered the field, he filtered between the lines to Antonio Lato so that he, after dribbling the Elche goal, established the 2-1. Those of Gracia continued looking for the tie but Elche endured with trade and left the points at home to place themselves in fifth position, while their victim will remain thirteenth in the absence of the rest of the day.


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