April 14, 2021

Elche sees the possible temporary transfer of the Lady as a tourist “lever”

Elche (Alicante), March 5 (EFE) .- The city of Elche sees the possible temporary transfer of the Iberian bust of the Lady to its city of origin as a “lever” for tourist recovery, in addition to facilitating national and international visibility to the municipality.

The mayor of Elche, the socialist Carlos González, responded in this way to the statements made yesterday by the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, that a temporary transfer of the Lady of Elche would be possible provided that the security of this top work of the Iberian art and in a suitable context.

The mayor has indicated that the path opened by the minister “could make effective” the temporary return of the bust for Holy Week in 2022, within an exhibition of Iberian art with more than forty pieces from municipal funds and others donated by the Elche site of La Alcudia and presided over by the Lady.

He has pointed out that the possibility goes in the current line of work of the bilateral commission formed by the city council and the Generalitat Valenciana to jointly demand the return.

According to González, the temporary transfer would boost the city’s national and international visibility and a “stimulus” for economic activity and employment.


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