Elche breaks its drought and drowns Cádiz

The Elche, after two months without winning, he broke his bad dynamic of results in the debut of his coach, Francisco Martínez, and takes a breath in the fight for permanence after beat Cádiz (3-1), which remains sunk in the relegation zone and in negative dynamics.

The Elche team was superior in the game and, above all, more forceful in the rival area in a match also conditioned by the shots at the posts, two for each team, including one from the Cadiz after a penalty shot by Álex Fernández.

The Francisco effect was noticeable in the first minutes, in which Elche, despite repeating last day’s line-up, showed a different attitude and ambition.

The team from Elche, planted in the opponent’s field, he took over the ball and it was intense and deep. In one of his first arrivals, Argentine Lucas Boyé, after a combination with Lucas Pérez, crashed the ball into the post.

As a result of that dominance, Chust got the penalty action that Fidel was in charge of transforming before the quarter hour of play.

Elche did not slacken and continued to carry the weight of the game in attack, although without the finesse necessary to complete the plays in front of Ledesma’s goal.

Cádiz, which had hardly given a sense of danger, he woke up unexpectedly and with an action that could change the game.

A centered shot from Iza was repelled into the center of the area by Badía and Roco was forced to knock down Lozano as the Honduran was about to push the ball into the net.

Francisco Martínez makes his debut with victory in front of Elche. Manuel Lorenzo

The clear penalty was thrown by Álex Fernández, who crashed the ball into the post. Despite the blow, the action encouraged Cádiz, who went on to dominate the game. Akapo, with a long shot, also tried to surprise Badía with a new long shot.

Perea and Lozano began to gain prominence and Elche suffered in defense, although in the last moments of the first act he also had his options to score the second against one.

Elche was launched again after the break. Fidel, one minute into the game, headed the ball to the post after a precise pass from Tete Morente.

Cádiz’s response was almost immediate, as Sobrino finished off the ball to the side of the net after a ball that was passed through the inside of the area.

Cádiz, increasingly exposed in defense, returned to touch the goal with a distant shot from Lozano that hit the crossbar.

Álvaro Cervera’s team raised their offensive bet with the entry of Negredo and the game entered a fierce and ownerless phase.

However, a genius Gumbau, with a perfect pass into space from the midfield, allowed Tete Morente to stand alone against Ledesma and after dribbling the goalkeeper to score at will with a quarter of an hour to go.

The 2-0 gave wings to Elche and weighed like a slab against Cádiz, depressed by his poor performance dynamics. Francisco’s team, at will, even had the option of adding a bit more.

However, it was Cádiz who discounted with a goal from Álex Fernández after a corner kick, already in the 90th minute.

There was no time for suspense, because moments later Josan, after a counterattack led by Pere Milla, scored the third at pleasure to round off a vital victory for permanence.

Data sheet:

3 Elche: Edgar Badía; Palacios, Roco, Diego González, Mojica; Tete Morente (Benedetto, min. 85), Marcone (Gumbau, min. 64), Mascarell, Fidel (Pere Milla, min. 64); Lucas Pérez (Josan, min. 75) and Lucas Boyé (Carrillo, min. 85).

1 Cadiz: Ledesma; Akapo, Haroyan, Chust, Espino; Iza (Negredo, min. 67), Jonsson (Martín min. 80), Álex Fernández, Perea; Sobrino (Álvaro Jiménez, min. 75) and Choco Lozano.

Referee: Muñiz Ruiz (Galician Committee). He showed a yellow card to Palacios, Roco, Diego González, Gumbau, Tete Morente and Marcone for Elche, and to Haroyan, Lozano and Jonsson for Cádiz.

Goals: 1-0, min. 13: Fidel, from a penalty. 2-0, min. 74: Tete Morente. 2-1, min. 90: Álex Fernández. 3-1: Josan, min. 92.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the sixteenth day of the Santander League played at the Manuel Martínez Valero stadium in front of 11,879 spectators.


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