March 1, 2021

Elche and Osasuna extend their crisis with a draw

Elche and Osasuna tied this Tuesday at the stadium Martinez Valero (2-2) in a balanced match that did not allow either team nor escape from its crisis of results nor flee from the lower zone of the LaLiga Santander classification.

The Navarrese team went ahead twice on the scoreboard and had more and better chances than their rival, but two defensive errors prevented him from winning again, although at least he stopped his losing streak.

The meeting began with a fright for Osasuna, since a serious defensive error caused a clear chance for Elche, wasted by Tete Morente before the first minute of play.

The action was a mirage, because the Arrasate set was master of the game throughout the first period. The Navarrese team settled in the field of Elche, which they drowned with strong pressure from their area of ​​creation.

Brasanac warned, after a steal of the ball, with a shot that Badía took off and shortly after it was Rubén García who opened the scoring after a brilliant personal action by Calleri.

Elche, with no connection between midfield and attack, hardly showed any symptoms of offensive life beyond a shot from Josan that almost got Unai García into his own goal.

The crossbar, after a shot from Unai, prevented the second goal from Navarre in an action in which David García was not right either, almost at point-blank range, to send the rebound to the net.

The interim Elche coach, Jesús Muñoz, shook his team in the second half with the entry of three players and the Elche team responded immediately, since at minute of play Fidel scored the tie after an assist from Barragán.

Elche, with Víctor in the creation area and Nino between the lines, went on to lead the game against a bewildered Osasuna who took a quarter of an hour to appear again in the Elche area.

Osasuna did not have much time to regret it, because moments later Brasanac, after a quick counterattack initiated by Calleri, took advantage of Elche’s defensive disorder to overcome Badía with a tight shot.

The goal stunned Elche and gave wings to Osasuna, who had space to counterattack. However, it was the Elche team that scored again through Guido Carrillo, who took advantage of a rebound from the defense a minute after entering the field to shoot Rubén.

Elche and Osasuna were not satisfied and sought victory in the last minutes. Calleri, with a header, touched the third goal from Navarre after a corner kick, as did Pere Milla, already in discount, for the Elche team.

Data sheet:

2 – Elche: Edgar Badía; Barragán, Gonzalo Verdú, Calvo (Josema, min. 46), Sánchez Miño (Guido Carillo, min. 75); Josan (Víctor, min. 46), Marcone, Fidel, Rigoni; Tete Morente (Nino, min. 46) and Lucas Boyé (Pere Milla, min. 86).

2 – Osasuna: Ruben; Roncaglia, Unai García (Nacho Vidal, min. 87), David García, Juan Cruz; Moncayola (Oier, min. 59); Roberto Torres, Darko Brasanac (Javi Martínez, min. 73), Íñigo Pérez, Rubén García (Kike Barja, min. 87) and Calleri (Budimir, min. 87).

Goals: 0-1, m. 9: Rubén García. 1-1, m. 46: Fidel. 1-2, m. 64: Brasanac. 2-2, m. 77: Carrillo.

Referee: From Burgos Bengoetxea (Basque Committee). He showed a yellow card to Íñigo Pérez (2), for which he was sent off in the 92nd minute, and to Guido Carrillo for Elche.

Incidents: meeting corresponding to the fifteenth day of the Santander League played at the Martínez Valero stadium in Elche behind closed doors.


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