October 27, 2020

El Vega celebrates the Canary Islands Day with the premiere of “Mi Paraso” – La Provincia

The Canarian rumbita returns to the foreground of the archipelago’s music scene with the theme with which El Vega Life wants to celebrate Canary Islands Day, “My paradise” and the access of the canaries to our beaches thanks to the phases of de-escalated that have been opened according to the brake in the advance of the pandemic of the Covid-19 since March.

With these two words, The Vega defines his everlasting infatuation with the 8 islands. It should be noted that this theme, which plans to break the charts in summer, contains the popular refrain of the Pololo (Manuel Negrín) theme “I live in an Archipelago”.

“The Canary Islands deserve a boost, something that will open up the summer in another way. The spirits are on the ground with everything that has happened with this terrible pandemic and you have to get your hands on all of this with music and good vibes,” he says. Adrián Vega, the first name of the most popular grancanario on the north coast. “Since people step on the sand and feel the water on one of our beaches, we will know that this bad dream is ending and that it is time to enjoy our Paradise, my Paradise,” he clarifies.

The video clip of “My paradise” that will be released on the 28th has been recorded this month in extremis mostly in La Graciosa, not without controversy for some alleged neighborhood complaints about how the recording developed last week while still in a state of alarm, but it will contain images of all the Canary Islands because “the subject speaks of the 8 islands,” says the young artist.

Despite the fact that “Mi Paraíso” now comes out at the end of May, El Vega’s plans were not to bring this issue up as the first. His year began with the organization of an Ep that would include several songs. The first one that would come out, with the forecast for April, was “To live it”, the second would be “My paradise” -in today’s date of May- and the third would be “Sailor of the world”, whose forecast is for June and whose video clip will be recorded on the magical beach of Cofete, on the island of Fuerteventura.

But the pandemic of coronavirus -which has forced to stop all cultural activity – has made “My paradise”, planned for Canary Islands Day, the first of the year to come out. The other two will come out as activity in the cultural sector recovers.

Several institutions of the Archipelago have signed up to support a theme that speaks and exalts all the Islands equally and will cheer on the Canaries at such a difficult time. As for private actions, the Bifrutas de Pascual brand will sponsor this action and will in fact have El Vega as one of the artists invited to the online concert that it plans to hold in June, along with other artists from the Canary Islands.
Biographical data

Vega Life, an appropriate artistic name for Adrián Vega, is how we know the creator of the “rumbita canaria”. This Gran Canaria from Gáldar is known for its vivacious music and for its peculiar natural and positive way of life. The rhythm of his songs Be Positive catches you and forces you to enjoy without contemplation. The rhythm of his compositions is full of peace, love and good vibes.

As an artist and as a person, because he does not separate both facets, he considers himself free, self-taught and with a very “bio” profile of life. Always choose to write on happy topics, sometimes with a touch of humor to play with the identity of being a Canary. Musically, it is nourished by styles such as reggae, rumba, hip hop, salsa or the Colombian vallenato, but always reaching the same point, a fresh sound with a very personal style of Latin rhythms and its unique voice.

The popular single “I Love Life” and “My Brother” were the songs most listened to by islanders according to the study “Musical Map, Cities of the World” published by the worldwide streaming music platform Spotify. In addition, YouTube has 2,500,000 views.

Controversy in La Graciosa

On the neighborhood protests received in La Graciosa “because of the way El Vega and a group of between 20 and 25 people were without the safety distances and without masks”, as this news appears in some media, the artist argues that “it is rather the opposite. The town was enchanted and overturned at all times

collaborating, and even encouraging themselves to appear in the scenes of the video clip, thus showing the true image of happiness and goodness of the funny people. We put a lot of emphasis on showing their customs such as the typical costume and hat, the game of the Canarian ball in the middle of the sandy street as well as the peace of the older people posing in front of the sea, so we only have thanks to the island, which of course will have the biggest role in the video clip. “


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