November 30, 2020

El Tenisca takes Juan Guedes – La Provincia

The Tenisca gave one of the surprises of the weekend in the Canary Group of the Third Division by assaulting Juan Guedes (1-3). Tamaraceite took command of the game in the first half through López Silva. We had to wait for the last fifteen minutes of the contest to live the comeback of the pupils of José Juan Almeida, with goals from Javi Melián, Jorge Gómez and Dani López.

Equality was the tonic of a first half in which both teams avoided granting opportunities to their rival. It had to wait beyond half an hour to enjoy the first great occasion of the game, which was also the first goal of Tamaraceite, with a shot by López Silva, on goal, after a service from the band of his teammate Asdrúbal Padrón.

Then, those of Chus Trujillo, in full confusion, could expand their income, but Jordan did not connect, by centimeters, a ball in the front of the visiting area.

Shortly afterwards, it was the palmer Cárdenes who did not finish, by very little, to finish off a ball, which ended up in the hands of the Grancanarian keeper Ávaro Robles. After the resumption, the script lived during the first half did not change, and the Tamaraceite was able to increase its advantage with an action of López Silva, from the band, who rejected the goal Alejandro. In a row, the Palmero goalkeeper broke up a shot by Julio Baez.

In the replica of Tenisca, Dani López had the tie, but could not beat Álvaro in his hand. Shortly after, those of Chus Trujillo were able to leave the game on track, with a stub from Asdrúbal, after the center of Héctor Choco, which Alejandro rejected.

In the 75th minute, José Juan Almeida's squad matched the contest, with a shot at Javi Melián's net, taking advantage of a rejection by Álvaro Robles, after a previous shot by Dani López. Two minutes later, Jorge Gómez, after a corner kick, completed the comeback. Already in the final stretch, the palm sentence occurred, when Dani López beat in the hand to hand the Blue and Whites.

YOU TAMARACEITE: Álvaro Robles; Ale, Héctor Marrero, David García (Aythami Álvarez, 54 '), Jordan (Eros, 79');
Juan Andrés, Julio, López Silva, Héctor Choco (Zizu, 72 '); Romario and Asdrúbal.

TENNIS: Alexander; Christ, Cabezola, Orlando, Cárdenes; Benítez (Javi Melián, 63 '), Agoney, Dani Hernández, Alex Hernández (Aarón, 67'), Dani López (Dioni, 90 ') and Jorge Gómez.

REFEREE: Alexis Carlos Pulido Santana. He admonished visitors to Cabezola, Benítez, Alex Hernández, Jorge Gómez and the coach, José Juan Almeida.

GOALS: 1-0, m. 33: López Silva. 1-1, m. 75: Javi Melián. 1-2, m. 77: Jorge Gomez. 1-3, m. 85 ': Dani López.

INCIDENCES: Juan Guedes, before 300 spectators.

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