El Teide travels the world on RTVE - La Provincia

The Teide has been the protagonist in the morning of TVE's 2 with extensive report on the program The Adventure of Knowledge with spectacular aerial images on the conservation of geological values ​​and biodiversity of Teide National Park.

"A unique landscape of craters, volcanoes and petrified lava surrounds the impressive silhouette of Teide, the highest peak in Spain and the third highest volcanic structure on the planet. The Teide National Park, in the heart of Tenerife, is one of the most extraordinary geological shows in the world, with exclusive species of invertebrates and a large number of plant endemisms ... A unique place that must be preserved and protected"This is how this audiovisual production begins with impressive aerial images of all the places of the National Park and the Teide peak, made by RICI Communication thanks to the Cabildo of Tenerife, which explains the conservation actions to preserve its biodiversity and its geological values ​​protecting the landscape, the integrity of the native fauna, flora and vegetation.

An extensive report that the spectators of the program enjoyed this Wednesday morning The Adventure of Knowledge in La 2 of TVE and that, throughout the day, it will be seen practically all over the world through the different signals of the International TVE Channel in America, Asia and Europe, as well as on the Spanish Television website www. rtve.es/alacarta and in high definition on YouTube.


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