El Tamaraceite, leader after winning the Santa Rsula - La Provincia

El Tamaraceite, leader after winning the Santa Rsula - La Provincia

The Tamaraceite regains the leadership of the Canarian group of the Third Division, after prevailing on its most direct rival in the fight for the head of the table, as is Santa Ursula (3-0). The squad led by Chus Trujillo left the game on track in the first half with goals from Lopez Silva and Eros. With the recess, the blanquiazules, in numerical superiority by the expulsion of the visitor Vincent, they put the sentence through Zizu.

The Tamaraceite was the dominator of a game in which he imposed his control over the game from the start of the contest. The squad of Juan Guedes warned of his intentions with good approaches from Samuel Casais and David Figueroa.

In the 23rd minute, the Gran Canaria players translated their good minutes into the clash in the first goal of the contest, López Silva, who was in charge of dribbling the goalkeeper Joshua Tenerife to score empty.

Shortly after, a header from Alberto was about to become the second goal of the Tamaraceite. However, the 2-0 did not come until the 37th minute, when Eros took advantage of a rejection of goal Joshua, after a powerful shot from his teammate Borja Vera, to finish off at pleasure. The action of the goal was protested by the side of Ruben Garcia considering that the blue and white striker was offside.

Tenerife Expulsion

In the final stretch of the first half, Santa Úrsula enjoyed one of his only approaches with a shot by Nau. On the stroke of the break, the team of Argelio Tabares suffered a new setback with the expulsion of captain Vicente, who saw the second yellow for a tackle on David Gonzalez.

After the resumption, the Tamaraceite, in numerical superiority, felt comfortable on the synthetic green of Juan Guedes, and jumped to the second half with the intention of not suffering troubles. Eros and Borja Vera were about to establish the third goal of the Chus Trujillo team. However, the ruling came in the 63rd minute, when Zizu defined everything in favor of an action in which his partner participated. Aythami Betancor.


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