El Taburiente, to give'jaque' to the Queen - The Province

El Taburiente, to give'jaque' to the Queen - The Province

The Sports Union Taburiente looks to give the surprise in the Copa de la Reina. The Siete Palmas team qualified fifth in the regular season after 13 games, which gives them a place to compete in the KO competition after four seasons away. "We have been working to consolidate a team, and in that line we made an effort to get foreign players to stay," said coach Eugenio Paulón.

The yellows face SPV Complutense today in the quarterfinals (13.45 hours). The whole tournament takes place over the weekend at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid facilities. "It's an intense and beautiful tournament, you play everything in every game," said the coach, who underlines that the unit has worked on the template.

"Our strong point is team play, it is true that we have several players who have been international and individually give us a plus, but we work so that they are not always the ones who have to solve a match," he explains.

Giselle Juárez is one of them. The bronze was hung with Argentina in the 2014 World Cup in The Hague (Holland). "I arrived in the middle of last season and the Taboo I had an interesting project, "acknowledged the Buenos Aires player." We are having a good season and we face the challenge of the Copa de la Reina with hope. "She has five goals in the regular season, tied with Adela Omara as top scorer of the Gran Canaria table. "When a front player likes to score goals, but also help the team," he added.

As for the first rival, the Complutense, both Juarez and Paulón believe they have possibilities. "They are second in the game, but this is a game," the coach emphasizes. "Last year we played a great game in their field, it's going to be difficult but you play all or nothing," said Argentina.

El Taburiente is the only island team in the Iberdrola League, where Catalan teams predominate. "Traveling is complicated, since many of us have to combine our life off the track with hockey," revealed the captain, Atteniri Ortiz, who has been with the club since she was seven years old. He works at a gas station and to participate in the Copa de la Reina he has to double turns and he will travel apart from the team. "I do it for the love of sports, the goal is to win in quarters to qualify for a medal tomorrow," he said.


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