July 25, 2021

El Taburiente bows to the colder of Liga Iberdrola – La Provincia

El Taburiente bows to the colder of Liga Iberdrola - La Provincia

The UD Taburiente planted face to Country club, but ended up giving way 0-2 before the coder of the Hockey League Iberdrola feminine next to the RC Polo. The Madrid squad had to work hard to defeat the Gran Canaria team.

The yellows paid their bad start of match, with respective actions of penalty-corner who condemned them The players of Eugenio Paulón They sought to recover in the second half, but found themselves facing a solvent opponent.

The key of the party was in the First half. The Club de Campo was aware that he could not go out relaxed to the court of Siete Palmas. Fruit of it, the Madrilenians started very strong in front of a Taburiente who found it difficult to withstand the onslaught of his rival.

The visitor set domino the meeting during the first two times. The yellows awarded until three plays of 'penalty-corner', two of which were materialized by Alejandra Torres-Quevedo Y María López.

After the break, The corrections made by the technician Eugenio Paulón They paid off. The Taburiente then showed his best version. The Gran Canarians were forceful in defensive tasks and they also improved with ball. A more combinative game gave real options to the locals to cut the differences; especially with two backspin of Omara Fabelo Y Sofia Vercelli.

At Last period, the Taburiente left decided in look for your first so much before a Country club who knew manage the result. The Gran Canaria squad was not able to take advantage of the superiority that it enjoyed, at times, to put the Madrid girls on the ropes.

Data sheet

UD Taburiente, 0: Marina Helguera, Atteneri Ortiz, Paula Fernandez, Andrea Guerra, Gisele Juárez, Natalia Déniz, Romina Zanni, Sofia Vercelli, Yanina Rojas, Eugenia Bianchi and Omara Fabelo. They also played: Lorena Ojeda, Ruth Herrera, Andrea Varela and Adriana Tejera.

Country club: María Ruiz; Rocio Gutiérrez, Sara Barrios, Marta Zorita, Amparo Gil, Beatriz Pérez, Begoña García, María López, Carmen Cano, Ana Marquínez and Alejandra Torres-Quevedo. They also played: Lucía Abajo, Sofía Carolina, Laura Barrios, Beatriz Figar and María Tello.

Goals: 0-1 .- (13 '): Alejandra Torres-Quevedo. 0-2 .- (23 '): María López.

Referees: R. Mena and A. López. They showed yellow cards to the locals Atteneri Ortiz and Romina Zanni; for the Club de Campo, Marta Zorita saw green card and Amparo Gil and Begoña García, yellow.

Incidents: Game played at the Siete Palmas Sports City before some 80 spectators.


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