August 5, 2021

El Sayre, League champions in the absence of two days – La Provincia

El Sayre, League champions in the absence of two days - La Provincia

The Sayre Mayser Volleyball Club defeated the Aceites Abril CVO on Sunday by 0-3, thus certifying the achievement of the championship of the Group A of the First Women's Division in the absence of two days. Gran Canaria assures its presence in the playoff of promotion to Superliga 2. Tamaraceite's team has been a superior team throughout the campaign, since he has only given one set in 20 games.

Sayre promoted to the First Division two seasons ago. The pass ended the regular season in second place, earning the post for the promotion phase. Unfortunately, the Gran Canaria team fell in the semifinals and was on the verge of reaching Superliga 2 in its first year, which would have been a milestone in the history of volleyball.

This course the club bet firmly for the promotion again. "Seeing how the first season was for us, we have the rise between the eyebrows this year," says sports director Ignacio Brito. For this the club decided to sign three foreign players. "They brought three Colombians who have raised the competitive level within the template," he added.

In this way, the Sayre incorporated in the summer to Danna, opposite of 1.93 cm, Angie, central of 1.86 cm, and Vannesa, receiver and attacker of 1.84 cm. In addition, as anticipated Brito, Tamaraceite set awaits another addition to the squad before the celebration of the playoff. "In short we have a fourth reinforcement, Neilyn Lorena, also Colombian, who can play in any position," he said.

The sports live wanted to highlight also the performance of the Canarian staff. "Captain Lety, Paula, Patri, Gara, Priscilla, Cristina and Ely Castilla have been at a great level, in addition to the contribution of cadets and youths who train with Primera," says Brito.

According to the sporting director, one of the girls from the lower ranks played several head-to-head games and has a lot of potential. "The cadet Elena Hernandez has played several games, has a future on the national scene," he said.

The club has bet heavily to reach the final of the playoff and get the promotion to Superliga 2. He still has two days left, one against Vialki Udara on Sunday in Tamaraceite and the last of the regular season against CV Collado Villalba on 24 of March. Then there will be a one-month break before the promotion phase, which will be played by the two best clubs of the three groups at the end of April.


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