El Salvador allows the entry of 415 migrants from the second Honduran caravan

El Salvador allows the entry of 415 migrants from the second Honduran caravan

The Government of El Salvador today allowed the entry of "415 Hondurans" to its territory, who are part of a second caravan of immigrants that intends to reach the United States, reported the Directorate General of Migration and Immigration (DGME).

The director of Migratory Control of the DGME, Herberth Hernández, assured that said institution guaranteed "the order and compliance with the Migration Law", and coordinated "the registration" of the Honduran citizens.

He added that after 12.00 local time (18.00 GMT) "there was a small inconvenience where there was a need for the Police and the Army to take possession of the bridge" that marks the border, given that a group of approximately 100 people wanted to enter the country "without generating your migratory record".

"We have not generated any obstacles to the mobility of any person or citizen," said the official, who noted that "the mobility on the El Amatillo bridge is blocked by these people."

The immigrants decided to start the trip to the United States. a day after the president of that country, Donald Trump, threatened to withdraw "immediately" the aid granted to Honduras if another caravan of Hondurans, about 3,000 according to the UN and that crosses Guatemala, do not stop before reaching That country.

Trump posted on his Twitter account Tuesday that he had informed "Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that if they allow their citizens, or others, to travel across their borders and reach the United States, with the intention of entering our country illegally, all payments (in cooperation) made to them "would be suspended.


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