February 25, 2021

El Rocasa, more leader after winning in Tenerife

María Gomes, from Rocasa, blocks Rebeca López's shot yesterday.  |  |  HEALTH TENERIFE

María Gomes, from Rocasa, blocks Rebeca López’s shot yesterday. | | HEALTH TENERIFE

Rocasa Gran Canaria is the most leader of Group B of the Iberdrola Guerreras League after their victory in the Canarian derby against Salud Tenerife (25-29) and the defeat on Saturday of their most immediate pursuer, Granollers, who has two less matches.

The Teldense team, in the regional rivalry clash held in Tenerife, imposed their game against a willful and fierce adversary, who perhaps paid for their inactivity by having practically two months without competing after the postponements of their last matches; this did not lose face to the game at any time despite the losses and always being in tow on the scoreboard.

The Rocasa Gran Canaria did not take long to seal their first advantages, which led the local technician to request his first time-out with 1-4 on the electronic. Health reacted. He prevented his rival from running and, in addition, he found in Irene Sánchez the perfect ally under sticks to keep the attacks of the Teldenses at bay, even stopping a couple of throws from seven meters.

Despite their mismanagement of the numerical superiorities that the Teldense team enjoyed, Melania Falcón, Paula Valdivia and Agni Zygoura, with their goals, kept the visitors ahead. But they did not finish breaking the duel against a willful Tenerife team that pulled in solidarity to counteract the quality of the Gran Canaria, who were ahead on the scoreboard at the halfway point of the clash (10-12).

At the beginning of the second half, Rocasa jumped onto the track of the La Salud pavilion much more aggressive in defense and successful in attack, opening the scoring of the second half the Japanese Mizuki culminating a fast against the Teldenses, who entrusted goal to Silvia Navarro replacing a very successful Ana Belén Palomino.

The Tenerife team suffered the loss of María Zaldua and was going through its worst moment of the game, with a rival who pressed the accelerator to the maximum and took advantage of his improvement in defense to be able to run and expand his advantage in the electronic thanks to the success of Alba Spugnini, Haridian Rodríguez and Mizuki Hosoe (11-19).

Despite the disadvantage, Salud did not lower his arms. The final stretch of the clash was characterized by an exchange of blows that led Rocasa to achieve their seventh victory of the course 25-29.


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