July 11, 2020

El Rocasa go to Romanian with four rental goals (28-24) – La Provincia

Rocasa Gran Canaria won the first leg of the third round of the EHF Cup to CS Magura Cisnadie for a four-goal rental (28-24) with which to travel to Romania to face the return duel. Lissandra Lussón, with 10 goals, was the leader of the island group in Antonio Moreno.

The Grancanarias came out with great intensity and only allowed to score 1 of the first 7 goals to their rival in the European debut. Visitor dead time after the first quarter of an hour with 6-1, including 3 goals from Lisandra and 2 from Katarina Tanaskovic.

The Romanians began to carburete after the break of their coach and managed to add from 7 meters with an infallible Mihaela Ani Senocico. He would finish the game with 11 goals, 8 of them from the line. Those of Carlos Herrera were complicated attacks with many losses and lack of success in the launch.

The initial 6-1 became a draw at 9 after a 3-8 partial favorable to the Magura Cisnadie. By then, the intensity was already maximum and the defenses surpassed the attacks with their tricks and will.

With a cloudy view, Kinga Gutkowska appeared to clarify the ideas and take his team to rest with 2 goals (11-10). The balance was not negative at all, since those of Carlos Herrera were managing to leave their opponent with very few occasions of optimal launch and low percentages.

Anxiety and inaccuracy after passing through changing rooms

With much at stake, both teams came out anxious in the second half. The losses happened until the first goal came, a great goal by María González, after a couple of minutes. The game was going to win in the mud and in that context Rocasa moves like a fish in the water.

The local defense increased its efficiency even more and began to force situations of transition and counterattack, such as the one that allowed to place the 14-12 in the electronic after two goals from Lisandra. This situation was followed by several stops of a Silvia Navarro that proved crucial one more day. The 7 meters remained the only way of yellow water and kept the Romanians in the fight for victory.

Paula Valdivia took responsibility with the 16-14 on the scoreboard and took the lead to 4 points with two goals accompanied by two cat stops by Silvia at close range one after the other. The visiting faces seemed exhausted and the atmosphere foreshadowed that the difference could be increased with 21-17 after a fantastic definition of Tiddara Trojaola that set the respectable up. Nothing is further from reality.

The local income of 3 or 4 goals seemed stabilized less than 10 minutes from the end, but between Ada Moldovan and Ana-Maria Tanasie they approached their team at a minimum difference of one goal (25-24). The Magura allowed himself to dream even of taking the victory to Romania.

With a cool head and a few more doses of Silvia's quality, Rocasa managed to increase the difference to 4 goals. Maria and Tiddara with two goals seemed to notice what was to come. The local bench asked for dead time with 41 seconds to be played to prepare the last action that ended in the right corner with Paula looking for an impossible pitch, but who knew how to hang for Lisandra's goal in extremis. So much that he can be decisive in the second leg and that he closed the score in 28-24.

Party technical sheet

First round meeting of the EHF Cup, held at the Antonio Moreno Island Pavilion.

ROCASA GRAN CANARIA 28: Silvia Navarro; Lisandra Lussón (10), Alba Spugnini, Haridian Rodríguez (2), Tiddara Trojaola (5), Katarina Tanaskovic (2) and María González (1). They also played: Ana Palomino, Arinegua Pérez, Paula Valdivia (4), Melania Falcón and Kinga Gutkowska (2).

CS Magura Cisnadie 24: Elena Voicu; Andrea Predoi (2), Ana-Maria Tanasie (2), Ada Moldovan (6), Maria Nan (1), Mihaela Ani Senocico (11) and Maria Panici (2). They also played: Adriana Craciun, Diana Predoi, Dijana Ujkic, Jaqueline Anastacio and Mirela Pasca.

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