November 25, 2020

El Rastro de Madrid reopens 37 Sundays later

An image of the Rastro de Madrid the day it reopens.

An image of the Rastro de Madrid the day it reopens.

After 37 Sundays without being able to wander the stalls of the La Latina neighborhood, Madrilenians have flocked to the traditional Trail, reduced to a capacity of 2,702 people and with 500 stalls, half of the usual ones, of some vendors for whom the celebration has been truncated by the “improvisation” of the City Council.

A total of 150 agents including municipal police and members of Civil Protection have controlled, supported by drones, the day of reopening of the Rastro, which had not closed even in the Civil war, but has seen its activity stopped for eight months due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Alejandro, stationed at the entrance to the Plaza de Cascorro and counting the people who enter through an application, explains at 10:00 that “at the moment everything is being controlled well.”

“We have been doing the capacity control since 9:00 and about a thousand people have passed through this section. The area is very fluid, and nothing, very well, at the moment keeping the distances “, He says and adds that they will be until 3:00 pm “more or less”, numbering those who come and go.

As the morning has progressed, the influx has increased: “I thought it was going to be worse and I have already started, well, very well, today very well,” says Maite in one of the 81 positions in Cascorro.

“I believe that people are looking forward to the trailIt has been many months and they are looking forward to seeing us again, so I hope it is a good one (the day) “, adds Maite, after eight” screwed up “months in which there has been” a lot of struggle “with demonstrations practically every Sunday.

It was on March 12 when the markets were closed in Madrid, and although the suspension was lifted on May 20, so that each district could determine the conditions of reopening, in the case of the Rastro a long confrontation between the merchants of the stalls and the District Board on account of the location of stalls or the number of stalls, among other issues, has delayed the return of the historic street market for months.

Tied ends as the City Council took over the control of the capacity, on the appointed day Nor has there been a lack of disagreement, this time due to the “improvisation” of the Consistory for entry and exit flows and due to the impediment to access from the Cascorro area to Ribera de Curtidores and vice versa, according to the spokesperson for Rastro Punto Es, Mayka Torralbo, has explained to the media.

Something “not agreed” that has achieved “indignation and anger” in a day that should have been a “celebration”, so the vendors anticipate that “without a doubt tomorrow we will have to contact the City Council” so that ” leave things clear at once “.

Ana, from her post adjacent to Calle de las Amazonas, recalls that on any given Sunday “we would have about 100,000 visitors”, and also complains that “the agreement has not been fulfilled”.

“They have enclosed us with fences and they have made us a playpen, with which the public cannot circulate continuously “, he explains.

The damage is “for everyone”, because “it is not possible to circulate freely”: “Anyone who comes here, after two minutes has gotten tired of being dizzy, and takes it and goes home.”

Neighbors in the area have also expressed their discomfort on Twitter, and the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has used the same network to point out that “it is a joy for all Madrilenians” that the market has returned. “Let’s enjoy it, but with responsibility,” he asked.


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