August 1, 2021

El Prat Airport operates under minimums and with only a hundred departures

Barcelona’s El Prat airport operates with minimal operations, with just over a hundred daily departures and an even smaller number of arrivals, four days after the Government decreed the state of alarm for the coronavirus and ordered the reduction to the half of the offer in the number of flights.

After this measure, the announcements of airlines have been suspended, suspending flights and countries imposing restrictions on travel to and from Spain.

In this sense, airport sources have pointed out that the events surrounding the management of the coronavirus crisis are causing companies to permanently reconfigure their operations and relocate passengers, making it difficult to give concrete figures on aircraft movements.

However, last week, Aena, which reported that during the first seven days of March passenger traffic in El Prat had decreased by 20%, already calculated that the drop would sharpen “substantially” throughout the month.

Today, the atmosphere in Terminals 1 and 2 of the airport was uncrowded, with hardly any queues or accumulations of passengers waiting to check-in or pass the controls.

This was reflected in the airport screens half empty due to the few flights operated during the day.

In one of today’s few flights between London and Barcelona, ​​operated by Norwegian, some thirty people have arrived, most of them Spanish who were returning home after the European Union (EU) decided yesterday to close the Community’s external borders during 30 days, with the exception of citizens who decide to return to their homes.

One of the passengers was the student Katia Mariñosa, who for two years has been studying at the Royal Alexandra & Albert School, in Reigate, south London, and who was informed yesterday that the school was preventively closing her residence under the threat of coronavirus and that it had to leave the facilities within 24 hours.

Upon arrival at Barcelona airport, the student, who is just 16 years old today, explained to Efe that her family was fortunate to find a flight for this noon, and also that it was not canceled at the last minute, as they have been told. happened to some travelers.

“I was afraid of being trapped many days in the United Kingdom without being able to return to Barcelona due to the closing of borders, but in the end I was lucky and everything went well,” said the Catalan student with satisfaction.


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