June 19, 2021

El Pozoalbense survives the siege of Femargun Spar – La Provincia

The Femarguín Spar Gran Canaria could not put an end to its bad dynamics and suffered a new stumble in Cordoba (2-1). The set of Migdalia Rodríguez gave in front of a direct rival like the Pozoalbense in a meeting in which those of Mogán were able to recover, before the break, with the goal of Marta, aware of the Andalusian Natalia Montilla’s initial. After the resumption, the whole of Manuel Fernández deprived the Grancanarias of scoring with an action by Sousa that left the island’s emptiness one more day.

In a first half equaled, the Pozoalbense aimed possession of the ball in front of a squad of Migdalia Rodríguez that was shaking the intensity of the Cordoba with the passing of the minutes to gain presence on the field.

The first great opportunity of the contest was for the side of Manuel Fernández, with a shot from Sousa, from outside the area, which crashed into the crossbar. After a quarter of an hour, the crossbar also prevented the first goal of the Andalusians. For its part, Femarguín replied with two actions in which he put the local defense to the test, although without putting the Oihana goalkeeper in excessive risk.

Before the break, Pozoalbense took command of the game with a shot from Natalia Montilla who slipped through the squad. With no time for respite, the Grancanarias responded by setting the equalizer when Marta took advantage of a foul on the area. Kia was very persistent during the first period to uncover as the most prominent footballer of the green side.

After the resumption, there was a more entertaining party, in which the Pozoalbense again uneven the balance in his favor with a header from Sousa, after a center of Victoria. In this second half, and with the score against, Femarguín besieged the goal of Oihana, although without success to create clear opportunities.

Already in the aftermath, and with a team of Migdalia Rodríguez overturned in search of a tie against some Cordoba who defended themselves with solvency of the green rush, Natalia Montilla could sentence for her team, but the visiting goalkeeper Beksy was very attentive to clear the danger.


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