June 19, 2021

El Pozo, main sponsor of the Huelva 2021 Badminton World Cups



The Well Feeding has rejoined the sport by becoming the title sponsor of the Badminton World Cups Huelva 2021, an important international event that will be an economic boost in the area for the next few years. The Badminton World Cups, which are being held in Spain for the third time, include four major events: The “World Tour Huelva Spain Master”, “the Absolute World Championships”, “the Senior World Championships” and “the Junior World Championships ”.

It is a great global event that, in its different competition dates, will summon more than 30,000 face-to-face visitors, 650 athletes of 35 different nationalities and will reach 614 million households all over the world through the different multimedia platforms, and the broadcast of the event through 21 televisions. In our country it will achieve a total of 55 million hits.

Spanish badminton is a sport with iron health, since it has more than 180,000 players, including 450 schools, where its practice is part of the primary and secondary curriculum. Thanks to this, and
in the mirror of world champion Carolina Marín
, the sport has been growing an annual average of 20% in the last 3 years with almost 9,500 licenses and more than one and a half million followers in Spain.

The food company has decided to become the image of these World Cups, so your brand will be present in all activities that will be developed over the next few months. It will also contribute by providing food from its wide range of solutions to be tasted during the event that will take place in the Carolina Marín Sports Palace.

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