El Pozo 1954 and Resines: a successful relationship

The new brand of ElPozo Food has the collaboration of the renowned Spanish actor to make itself known. The company has launched a contest on events that happened in 1954. Your winner will receive a batch of this new food range

The new brand of El Pozo Alimentos, ElPozo 1954, is developing an intense social media campaign with the help of the renowned actor Antonio Resines showing the important milestones that occurred the year in which both the food company and the artist were born.

The premiere of Alfred Hitchcock's film, The Indiscrete Window, the recording of the first album by Elvis Presley, the publication of "The Fellowship of the Ring" by J.R.R. Tolkien, the presentation of the famous guitar Fender Stratocaster .... are events of great relevance that Antonio Resines promotes in exclusive videos for social networks and that can be viewed on this link https://youtu.be/C5itJmQGYXE.

Following this dynamic, the company has launched several competitions asking about events that happened in 1954 and whose winners will receive lots of this food range. Edition 1954 is composed of Extra Cooked Ham, Braised Cooked Ham and Braised Turkey Breast, food solutions that share several characteristics such as its high meat content, the 100% national origin of the raw materials used for its preparation and that in all References marketed recipes have been improved.

In addition, these foods do not contain gluten or dyes. Also, in the case of hams, the meat is "cross durac", a breed of pig that is characterized by a greater infiltration of fat, providing a better flavor, juiciness and aroma. The range is completed with the Imperial Classic, Edition 1954, one of the emblematic products of the company, prepared as always with meats of the best quality and natural gut, which gives it a uniform flora.


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