April 23, 2021

'El polizn', the great Canarian musical of Christmas, opens in December – La Provincia

'El polizn', the great Canarian musical of Christmas, opens in December - La Provincia

The large-format music production The stowaway will be released on the 14th (21.00 hours) and 16 (20.00 hours) of December on the stage of the Civic Center of Carrizal de Ingenio. Inspired by an original script written by the teacher José Buceta and directed scenicly by Yanara Moreno, the montage is played by the actors and singers Mingo Ruano, Saray Castro, Begoña Viera, Rubén Pérez, Mingo Ávila, Nereida Peña, Elisabeth Pulido, Isaac Do Santos, José Luis Domínguez and Pimpina Herrera. More than eighty people make up the cast of this great show that has a budget of 80,000 euros, between actors and extras, musicians and choral mass, whose plot takes place in an original set designed by Carlos Santos that recreates the interior of a ship.

The aforementioned company presided by Francisco Díaz, after the production of the opera two years ago Candelaria, undertakes this new challenge that tells a story of self-improvement and courage amid the tensions and conflicts experienced inside the passenger ship Plow, in which a young musician sneaks in with the aspiration of forging a hopeful future away from his island.

In the guts of Plow You will soon perceive that your legitimate company will not be exempt from its beginning of frustration, difficulty and sacrifice. Ambition, injustice and arbitrary power also travel on board, although the strength of love, courage and the capacity for human improvement persist as a counterpoint in the cold metallic belly of this dramatic musical that Yanara Moreno defines as "a happy metaphor of the human's desire to fly in the middle of the threatening ocean. "

Complex universe

The Cuban actress and director, who has lived in Gran Canaria since 1999, confesses that The stowaway It has been a challenge. Both the action that the public contemplates throughout the 90 minutes that the work lasts and the melodies it assumes the symphony orchestra and choral voices whose address is responsible Gisela Rodríguez, they are produced in strict direct. Therefore, in The stowaway each scene is conceived as a musical number. The montage consists of a prologue and twelve scenes, plus intermezzo and epilogue.

"I've never before faced the direction of a musical where writing is not part of a dramaturgical text but of a musical script, whose lyrical atmospheres define to a large extent the orientation of your stage direction work. The dialogues are sung and the pulse of the music in the pit and the acting performance on stage must be matched to a millimeter rhythm, offering the viewer a landscape as a whole, "says Yanara Moreno.

"This musical drama addresses from the class struggle to the Defense of human rights, of the need to be an active part of our reality by questioning values, religions, decisions, all of it spiced up by the enigmatic love story that crosses that complex universe starring Juan and the young Dolores ", adds Moreno.

For his part, the Galician musician José Buceta, author of the music of The stowaway and for four years artistic and musical director of the Musical Society Villa de Ingenio, estimates that his work "contains a great inner strength to capture the attention of both an audience understood in the lyrical records and another little expert in large musical formats. Music as a universal language is the best vehicle to express that feeling of freedom and justice that assumes this dramatic musical, which also admits a very visual interpretation due to its careful stage scaffolding ", adds the director who started with the teacher Ignacio García Vidal.

Between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, Buceta wrote the libretto The stowaway that, in some way, "is inspired by his personal migratory experience and the many people without resources who were forced to enter as stowaways in ships that had as destination Cuba or Venezuela among others".

"This trip to adventure I only conceive it from courage and the purpose of aspiring to modify things starting with the personal mobilization of each one of us. That is the main idea and motivation of The stowaway ", adds José Buceta, also the author of the music and the libretto Candelaria, opera premiered in 2016 on the occasion of the commemoration of bicentennial of the jurisdiction of Ingenio.

Francisco Díaz, president of the Villa de Ingenio Musical Society and executive producer of The stowaway notes that the selection of the main characters of the musical was made by holding two open tests to which people of very different profiles presented themselves, from professionals in the world of theater or music to amateurs and amateurs.

"In reality the plot of this great assembly comes to represent the different human prototypes that we can find in our current society, with its inequalities, injustices, power conflicts, etc € all through characters that are in a continuous vital search ", underlines Diaz.

The musical director, José Buceta, believes that "music as Universal language it is the best vehicle to express the feeling of freedom that this dramatic work assumes. "

A history of overcoming

Juan (Rubén Pérez) is a young musician who sneaks as a stowaway on a passenger ship with the intention of looking for a better future beyond the seas. Inside the ship Plow you will discover that the inequalities, injustices, greatness and misery of the human being take place in the same way both in the waters of the great ocean and on the mainland. He will live the oppression of his tyrannical captain, Don Antonio (Mingo Ruano) and his foreman Mr. Pedro (Mingo Avila) and of Sr. Francisca (Begoña Viera). Only the generous and noble waitress Dolores (Saray Castro) seems to be the only one decided on board to oppose living that trip subjected to such hell. Juan, who does not understand the immobility of all the passengers of the ship before the abuses, will then seek to transform the situation.


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