April 13, 2021

EL PAÍS renews its edition in Catalan | Society

EL PAÍS renews its edition in Catalan | Society

EL PAÍS has renewed this week its decided commitment to information in the Catalan language with a new design and a greater emphasis on its own contents in www.elpais.cat The Catalan edition of the newspaper, deeply committed to the readers who have shown their trust over the years, will focus its new stage in expanding its coverage of citizen information in Barcelona and setting the focus on Catalan culture, Opinion articles and new trends.
The new elpais.cat it will be informed by the information it produces for all editions of the newspaper, both on paper and on the web, the editorial office of Barcelona of the newspaper, always faithful to its commitment to current affairs and quality, as well as the rest of the staff of EL PAÍS and its network of correspondents. The Catalan capital and its area of ​​influence will be the focus of the renewed website, which will rely on in-depth information and reports and opinion articles focused on Catalonia. The new stage will be used to influence especially social, environmental and gender aspects, in line with the new concerns of readers.
The launch of the renewed edition in Catalan is done maintaining the commitment to the informative quality and the specific products for Catalonia, such as the daily pages of local information and the cultural supplement Quadern.

Supplement 'Quadern'

With the launch of the print edition in 1982, EL PAÍS committed itself to Catalonia and its capital, Barcelona. An industrial and journalistic proposal, an important tool so that the rest of Spain could know better the culture and the economy of Catalonia. EL PAÍS has bet on the Catalan language since the first day. The supplement Quadern, every Thursday at the kiosk for 36 years, it is one of the best showcases of Catalan literature and thought. In it, the most outstanding cultural personalities have collaborated and collaborated.
Since its launch in 2014 elpais.cat has had a special interest in reflecting the cultural and political pulse of Barcelona. With the new design, more importance will be given to citizen debate, the network of collaborators will be expanded and there will be new fixed sections with reports on the presence of Catalan culture in the world and recommendations on activities for leisure time.


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