El País journalists accuse Caño of being a censor and recall that he prohibited the dissemination of a survey on his management

The Editorial Committee of El País has ruled on the words of the former director of the medium Antonio Caño, who, after being fired this Wednesday, issued a statement in which he assured that his dismissal was due to “ideological reasons” and that it supposed “a he trampled “his” freedom of expression. The editorial representatives accuse Caño of being a censor and assure in a note that they do not know “the real causes” of his dismissal as a digital advisor, a position he currently held. However, they insist, they do know their “self-exculpatory explanations” which, they say, are totally far from reality.

Miguel Barroso joins the board of Prisa and Felipe González leaves the editorial committee

Miguel Barroso joins the board of Prisa and Felipe González leaves the editorial committee

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In the statement, the members of the Committee say that, throughout Caño’s years as director –between 2014 and 2018–, a “large” number of professionals had to leave “suffocated by the constant censorship of their articles or uncomfortable by the need to follow its instructions to the letter “. But it was not only that: other workers in the media also had to go to other departments and leave the sections and subjects on which they reported and others were directly “fired.”

To make the situation they experienced during Caño’s term visible, the professionals of El País tell in the statement as an example that, on one occasion, they wanted to conduct a survey of the newsroom about his management and that “Caño categorically prohibited it”, to although it is something that “is done in many companies.” However, they say, they skipped that order and decided to go ahead with these questions to the workers. Among the questions, one referred to what bothered them the most about the writing: “The words” authoritarianism “and” sectarianism “appeared in the first places, for the first time in the polls carried out so far, they blurted out.” Caño reached. an average score of 2.14 out of 10 among the 218 professionals who participated, which was equivalent to 71% of the writing “.

The closure of the ‘Cebrián era’ continues in the group

Prisa continues to close the Cebrián era. Thus, this Wednesday he fired Antonio Caño, who had directed El País for four years and currently, in addition to having a monthly column, he was the group’s digital advisor – a position without responsibility. Despite the fact that the former director of the aforementioned media assures that his dismissal occurred “after several incidents” with the management related to his columns, company sources assure that it is due to the reorganization of the company that is being carried out.

For a few months, the company has dismissed several of its historical directors, among which is the so far editorial director, Augusto Delkáder, or the former CEO of Prisa Radio, Pedro García Guillén.


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