EL PAÍS and Volkswagen launch the first AMPHTML campaign to improve the mobile user experience | Innovation

When we visit almost any web page we find the same image: the content loads very fast, however the advertising that accompanies it takes time to be displayed. This problem is aggravated when the visit is made from a mobile device.

The reason for this is that web pages, especially those of online media, have technology AMP (accelerated mobile pages) that make their loading time less than two seconds. On the contrary, the advertising is in HTML, a heavier and slower format to load. With this, there may be a situation in which the user has finished reading the news and the ad has not yet loaded, which is a penalty in the ROI (return of investment) for the advertiser.

And this one - for example - was the case of Volkswagen, one of the most important automotive companies in the world, which wanted to improve the experience of potential consumers for the new Tiguan TDI 150 R Line model. So, taking into account their business objectives and being aware of the importance of mobile in everyday life, the company, in collaboration with Google and the newspaper EL PAÍS, and the hand of its creative agency DDB and your media agency PHD- decided to test AMP technology, both for its landings campaign as for their creativities, which has made them global pioneers in the incorporation of creatives in AMPHTML.

Why a means of communication?

THE COUNTRY, the leading newspaper of news in Spanish in its digital version and belonging to the Prisa publishing group, accounts globally with more than 64 million unique users per month. For Prisa, digital transformation and innovation are the basis of its strategy. Pushed by this, EL PAÍS was one of the first media to adopt AMP technology, launching its first version in 2015. Since then they have used this technology, serving fast and high quality content to their readers.

Likewise, the group has been a global pioneer in adopting technology AMPHTML Ads, a format that improves the user experience, especially on mobile devices.

"For Grupo Prisa, innovation is key. The implementation of AMP technology, both in pages and in creatives, represented an 87% increase in the CTR and a better user experience with the advertising environment of the EL PAÍS newspaper, "says Cristina Berzal, director of Digital Management in Grupo Prisa.

For this reason, and after a process of analysis of the more than two million mobile impressions that were used in the test, the German automotive brand achieved that the main results improved significantly. The CTR (click through rate) was 87% higher on pages with AMP than on those with HTML. Likewise, the pages that had a landing page in AMP versus those that did in HTML, they achieved a conversion ratio of 76% and a reduction in the cost per visit of 43%.

"For Volkswagen, innovation and our customers are the foundation of our strategy. The development of AMP technology, not only in our pages, but now also in our creatives, improves the user experience, which allows us to have a better relationship with the brand, "says Bea Colorado, head of Advertising of Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

If something shows this experiment, it is that with the simple introduction of AMP technology in our new campaigns; or the adaptation of the ones we already have to the AMPHTML winning format, we can get a better ROI and a greater interest on the part of the user. In addition, this improvement in visibility is even greater when the use of the AMP is combined in both the advertisement and the website.

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