April 11, 2021

El Negrn hosts the first workshops of the School of Patients – La Provincia

El Negrn hosts the first workshops of the School of Patients - La Provincia

The University Hospital of Gran Canaria Doctor Negrin this week held the first workshops of the Canary Islands School of Patients on chronic kidney disease and breast cancer, reported this Friday from the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous Government.

It is an initiative collected in the Commitment to improve public health in the Canary Islands, in which it is the patients themselves who, in a space of collective participation and small groups, they guide other patients with the same pathology, with the aim of exchanging experiences.

It is expected that this year, the Hospital Doctor Negrín will host a total of 35 workshops, within the framework of the School of Patients of the Canary Islands, which will deal with various topics such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), breast cancer, chronic kidney disease and a workshop for caregivers, soon to be added others on ostomies and neurological diseases.

Each workshop is composed of different sessions in which Active patients help other patients without experience with the pathology, to know and improve their quality of life.

The main objective of the Patient School is to support and train the people who attend the workshops to improve your skills, motivation and confidence when managing the symptoms of chronic disease, favor healthier living habits, improve health outcomes, better comply with recommendations and treatments, improve communication with health professionals, and use health resources more efficiently, detailed by a press release.


Patients are the main protagonists of this activity, since they are experienced and trained in their disease, and share their experience with other people diagnosed with the same pathology, supported by health professionals.

From there, a dialogue that allows them to achieve greater control and acceptance of the pathology they suffer, added from Health before concluding that Dr. Negrin hosted last October a technical training sessions for trainers of the School of Patients of the Canary Islands, in which lectures were given about the teaching model that has just been implemented in the Islands.

A total of 160 professionals participated in these training days with which it was intended to provide participants with the knowledge and methodologies necessary to transmit to patients and caregivers how to deal with and manage their pathologies.


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