El Negrín reopens a wing due to the rebound in income due to coronavirus

The Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín will reopen wing B4 left of the covid plant before him income spike because of illness that have occurred in recent days. This was reported yesterday by sources from the health center who explained that the area, which has been operational on several occasions depending on the evolution of the pandemic, has 33 beds. These will be added to the other 33 that the right wing B4 has available, the only one currently occupied by patients affected by SARS-CoV-2.

According to the latest data published by the Ministry of Health, in Negrín there are 48 people hospitalized due to the coronavirus; while in the Intensive Medicine Unit (IMU) there are 23. A figure that the health center assures has improved in recent weeks.

The Canary Islands have a total of 382 citizens admitted for the disease: 77 in the critical areas and 305 in the hospital ward. In the Islands, until yesterday, there were 4,707 people infected with the virus, of the 42,065 who have contracted it since the beginning of the pandemic. Health notified yesterday the detection of 152 new positive cases in the region where the deaths of two other people were also mourned.

By islands, Tenerife registered 48 infections with which his general calculation rises to 17,574. In the territory, 2,188 people are still infected. For its part, Gran canaria has 17,324 accumulated cases, 92 more than the day before, and 2,208 assets.

Lanzarote, by statistical adjustment, remains one case, so its total figure stands at 4,481 and its current tables are 96. In Fuerteventura positive diagnoses amount to 1,748, after adding another 12 in the last 24 hours. There are 164 assets on the island.

La Palma did not add any case and it has 424 accumulated and 29 citizens affected by the virus. El Hierro registered a contagion, with which there are already a total of 296, of which 16 are active. By last, La Gomera, no new confirmed diagnoses, remains with 218 and six tables in progress.


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