El Materno is the only Canarian hospital with four patients per room

El Materno is the only Canarian hospital with four patients per room

Image of a room with four beds separated by curtains in the Insular Maternal Hospital. / C7

The PP requests that the expansion work be declared an emergency and the director of the SCS rules it out. Staff demand action as tower is built

Carmen Delia Aranda

The Materno Infantil is the only hospital in the Canary Islands that has
four patients per room. This was reported yesterday by both hospital staff and members of the Popular Party in the Canarian Parliament, Miguel Ángel Ponce and Poli Suárez, who expressed their support for the children treated at the hospital and the health center workers.

In the 1980s, when this health infrastructure was built, “24-hour accompaniment by parents and intimacy were not valued. Now we try to respect but, in my case, my patients enter four by four. They are teenagers. We are talking about patients from 7 to 18 years old separated by a curtain. Minors are never alone. There are their parents and
we are talking about eight people in a room», denounced yesterday the pediatrician of the Maternal and Child Hospital, Maite Angulo.

Added to the pressing lack of space is the certainty that the future children's tower will not come into operation until 2027, due to the fact that the tender to award the works, put out to tender last December, must be called again due to an error in the tender specifications. conditions and its execution has a term of 36 months. “That tower may open in 2026 or 2027 and
It is a 2017 project. I mean, it will take 10 years to see that project», lamented Angulo, who urged those responsible for the Government of the Canary Islands to clarify under what conditions the patients will be treated in the meantime.

For their part, the representatives of the PP announced at the gates of the health center that, in addition to requesting the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, to explain the situation of the project before the plenary session of Parliament, they will ask the Government of the Canary Islands to
declare the emergency of the works of the children's tower to try to speed up execution times.

An unfeasible measure, according to what the director of the Canary Islands Health Service, Conrado Domínguez, pointed out yesterday. "The fastest formula to award the work is to re-publish the bidding documents," assured Domínguez that he believes that
declaring it an emergency can mean a new delay and entails a high administrative risk. “Urgent processing is highly regulated and requires a more refined justifying report. The modification of the specifications could require a longer period of time and the process would be more susceptible to doubts as to whether it really is an emergency procedure or not," said Domínguez.

With respect to
cancellation of the contest, the director of the SCS pointed out that the specifications contained an error related to the assessment of a subjective criterion denounced by a bidding company. "The SCS studied the feasibility of this circumstance and, in view of the fact that it could generate rights to the possible winners, it withdrew and a new procedure has been opened pending award in September," he clarified.

«The idea -he added- is that the project remains
awarded before the end of the year with the publication before the end of September of the new specifications", he announced.

On the same dates, he noted,
the facultative address will be tendered of the work of expansion and reform of the Materno Infantil,
another contest canceled on March 31 due to an error in the specifications, which will be modified in response to a demand from the Official College of Industrial Engineers of the Eastern Canary Islands.

As long as the long-awaited children's tower remains a project, Domínguez says that, like "every year", they will continue to be carried out "
improvement works for the adequacy of the pediatric area and other areass of hospital influence, as has been done in gynecology or oncohematology». In addition, Domínguez pointed out, «as of September
the care of covid patients will be reorganized » -which occupy two floors of the Materno- with the idea of ​​"gaining space to improve the infrastructures of the Materno and face the coming winter in a hospital complex that has a
clear problem in your infrastructure».

The Common Deputy asks the Government for explanations

The Diputación del Comun will urge the Government of the Canary Islands to clarify the situation of the project for the reform and expansion of the Maternal and Child Hospitalas indicated yesterday by the first deputy of the institution, Felipe Afonso, to the president of the Little Brave Foundation for Children with Cancer, José Jerez.

In a meeting held yesterday, Afonso announced to the representative of the group of those affected by childhood cancer that he will initiate "proceedings to obtain the best possible information on the causes of the delays, the forecasts, when these works can begin and what horizon they have for this Health project.

This institution is legitimized to lead the demand for the reform and expansion of the Maternal InfantYohe»stressed the first deputy of the Diputación del Comun who described the serious deterioration suffered by the hospital as "a great problem that unites the whole of society."

For his part, the president of
Little Brave He pointed out that it is not necessary to list the deficiencies of the Materno Infantil because they are well known. "You are all fathers, mothers and brothers of people who have been there and have visited the Materno," she said.

In this sense, Jerez assured that
he need to start the reform and expansion of the health center is so evident that this claim has received the support of city councils and councils of all political stripes. For this reason, “increasingly more institutions and citizens are joining this cause to make this a reality. This isn't for Little Brave or anyone. This is for the children of the Canary Islands, "said the president of Little Valiente.

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