December 5, 2020

El Materno addresses the role of the intensive in oncological therapies – La Provincia

The specialists of the Medical Oncology Service and the Intensive Medicine Service of the Insular-Maternal Infant University Hospital Complex, center attached to the Ministry of Health of the Canary Government, celebrated the conference yesterday Immunotherapy in the cancer patient. Throughout this meeting, which was opened by the managing director of the hospital center, Alejandra Torres, the role of the intensivist doctor was addressed in the face of the new challenges of oncological therapies and the importance of quality communication between oncologists and doctors was discussed. Specialists in Intensive Care.

In addition, the new approach in the treatment of cancer by immunotherapy was reported, intensive care was raised in the cancer patient and there was talk about how to involve the rest of medical services in the progress of immunotherapy.

Experts stressed that since the beginning of the use of immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer there has been significant progress in the prognosis of cancer patients, to which we must add the need for joint work through multidisciplinary groups.

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