November 27, 2020

El Insular registers a new outbreak in the north wing of the sixth floor

A woman crosses León y Castillo street with a skateboard, wearing a mask.

A woman crosses León y Castillo street with a skateboard, wearing a mask.

The Insular-Maternal-Infant University Hospital Complex registers a new coronavirus outbreak in the north wing of the sixth floor. According to the Asaca Union, there are two nurses and six people admitted who have tested positive, two of them are social patients who have been hospitalized for a long period of time and detail that one of the patients has been in an individual room for five years. In addition, there is a third health worker who is in isolation for having maintained contact with those affected by the virus. From the union they criticize that the hospital management has decided to screen only admitted patients, but not all workers at the plant. In a statement, they criticize that “Management continues to act late and badly” and that it has shown that “prevention is its pending issue”, because “it seems that it is making the same mistakes again.”

The Canary Islands reported 151 new cases in the last 24 hours, which represents a cumulative 16,531 since the start of the pandemic. There are 6,101 active cases, of which 45 are admitted to the Intensive Care Units (ICU) and 227 on the ward. In addition, there has been the death of a man over 80 years of age in Gran Canaria, so the death toll rises to 268.

By islands, Gran Canaria has 8,473 accumulated cases, of which 26 are new and 2,818 active; Tenerife, with 5,769 accumulated cases, adds 121 new cases and 3,135 active ones; Lanzarote has 1,209 accumulated cases, five new cases and 71 active ones; Fuerteventura has 740 accumulated cases, two less than yesterday due to adjustments in epidemiological surveys, and 49 active; La Palma does not count any new cases and has 191 accumulated cases and five active ones. La Gomera has 88 accumulated cases, with three new cases and its assets stand at 14. El Hierro, with 60 accumulated cases, one less than yesterday due to the adjustment of epidemiological surveys, remains with eight active cases.

Health yesterday updated the restrictive measures in the islands based on their cumulative incidence, so that Tenerife is the only island that continues with a red light until November 6, while the rest of the Archipelago is on a green light by keeping its data for below the criteria set to determine high incidence. The Canary Islands have a Cumulative Incidence after 7 days of 43.51 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the lowest figure in the entire country.

According to the Directorate General of Public Health, Tenerife, with a cumulative incidence of 62.43 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, is an island with a high level of transmission. With eight infections in the last week, El Hierro also exceeds 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 7 days, with a cumulative incidence of 72.94 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but it does not meet all the conditions to include it as an island with a high level of transmission. .

The Canary Islands will begin this week to use antigen tests for the early diagnosis of Covid-19, an action that will be added to the one that was being developed so far through the PCR test. Health has distributed a first batch of 203,000 tests among the health areas of the Islands, in such a way that it will have the two methods that will be applied based on health criteria such as the evolution of symptoms, the scope of application and the characteristics of the cases. These tests will streamline and strengthen the diagnostic circuits.


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