El Hierro reinforces the screening equipment and increases PCR screening

The Health Services Management of El Hierro has reinforced the staff dedicated to tracing close contacts, so that it has gone from having a doctor and a nurse to currently having two doctors, two nurses, an administrative assistant and a nurse from Experienced tracking support. PCR screening has also been increased, while laboratory activity has been enhanced to perform diagnostic tests for active infection.

The cumulative incidence of the last 7 days stands at 255 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure that by itself could place it at a higher level but which, when evaluated together with the rest of epidemiological and healthcare indicators, allows it to maintain the level of 2 this week. alert for covid.

The director of the Health Area, Tomás Morales, points out that the low hospital pressure coupled with the agile task of tracking cases (the last 15 positives were closed with PCR to close contacts in less than 12 hours) has favored high traceability , 75%, and that the island has not seen its restrictions increased. Even so, it insists on the importance of not lowering our guard and adopting all possible preventive measures to avoid an increase in transmission, especially in family gatherings, since between 70 and 80% of transmission occurs in this area.

Above average

On the other hand, the average of Active Infection Diagnostic Tests on the island is above the regional average while the screening tasks are carried out in all cases in the first 12 hours and practically all of the PCR test results are notify in 24 hours.


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